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Russian President Honors Chief Rabbi

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin presented the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar, with a special medal for his “contribution to the homeland.”

The accolade is one of the most outstanding citations in Russia, awarded to persons who have made important contributions to the growth and prosperity of Russia.

In his remarks, Rabbi Lazar pointed out that just a few years ago one could not even fantasize a Rabbi receiving a government medal, and today the dramatic change is obvious.

Rabbi Lazar thanked the government and the president for the honor, support and amity to the Jews in Russia today.


  • 2. while taking a break wrote:

    From terrorizing Ukrainian people and shooting down airplanes

  • 3. Inna Kunina wrote:

    My congratulations! That’s meaningful and tells us a lot about wise and amicable policy of our President regarding the Jews in Russia and its Chief Rabbi Lazar.

  • 4. Time to get out of the public eye wrote:

    This is embarrassing for chabad and for Judaism.

  • 5. why? wrote:

    Why would anyone be so friendly with the guy who helps all Israels enemies. Without Putin there would be no Iran threat . And its not just Iran.
    Stop being used as a propaganda tool by a tyrant who is being sanctioned by all civilized countries who are not too scared.


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