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Colel Chabad Acquires the Arcadia Hotel in Jerusalem

Colel Chabad has acquired the Arcadia Hotel located on King George and Jaffa Roads in the heart of Central Jerusalem. The facility will house the Fenya Krugman Women’s Institute of Colel Chabad.

Colel Chabad, charities of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness, was founded by the Alter Rebbe and headed by each Lubavitcher Rebbe since. On many occasions the Rebbe wrote regarding the overabundance of love that each one of the Rabbeim had for the institution of Colel Chabad.

In preparation of the upcoming Yartzeit of the Alter Rebbe, Colel Chabad completed the acquisition of the Arcadia Hotel, a beautiful edifice located in heart of Central Jerusalem.

The hotel has 24 rooms, and is strategically located near the Midrachov with views of King George and Jaffa Roads. The facility will house the Russian women of the Fenya Krugman Institute, established as a joint effort between Colel Chabad and Or Chaya, directed by Mrs. Daniella Golan.

The Fenya Krugman Institute was established for young immigrant women from the former Soviet Union. These women live in Israel and study at Or Chaya while nourishing their Jewish and Chabad connection. The newly acquired hotel will be the new home to the 35 students currently studying at the Institute.

Colel Chabad is pleased to have completed the acquisition on Chof Teves, the Yartzeit of the Rambam and in such close proximity to Chof Daled Teves, the Yartzeit of the Alter Rebbe.

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