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ULY Students Gear Up for Lag Ba’omer

As the day of Lag Ba’omer approaches, the students of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva on Crown Street are hard at work measuring, drilling, sawing, gluing and painting as they prepare their float for the Great Parade.

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  • 1. observation wrote:

    The following is meant in a positive and constructive context.
    Our system stay away from any in school activities such as, art, music, organized sports, martial arts etc… etc… because “we” are only about learning. Why then is it OK as preparation for the parade? And if it’s kosher for the parade, why not implementing such activities year round? Just see the happy and motivated faces of the dear students, I’m 100% sure that such activities only enhance the academic part of our children’s education.

    • 2. Anonymous wrote:

      Because we as chasidim were told to,
      In the week presiding to 33 beomer we (all lebavitch Yeshivas) including the older buchrim step away (slightly) from learning and build a float, are you going to say that just because the zal buchrim stop learning and deal with the saw, does that mean that yeshiva should shut down and open a carpentry?
      The same applies to elementary, the reason why they are building the float is not for fun, (which it might be) but because this is what the rebbe wants
      Good shabbos

  • 3. Bec. I care wrote:

    please make sure to use eye protection!! and leather gloves when using a saw!!!!

  • 4. Looks great wrote:

    I believe this is the 7th grade. They are building a float? in my days only zal had a float.


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