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Chabad Rov Decries Lack of Tznius on Lag Ba’omer

A sharp letter regarding certain practices that have taken root in the Lubavitch community on Lag Ba’omer was released today by Rabbi Y. Y. Yeruslavsky, a leading Chabad rabbinical authority in Israel.

The Rov decries the newly adopted custom of having a Kumzitz around the bonfire on the eve of Lag Ba’omer, at which inadequate separation between men and women and Tznius protocols are maintained.

In his letter, Rabbi Yeruslavsky calls these practices ‘a desecration of the holy day of Lag Ba’omer.’ He declares it Halachically forbidden to organize such an event, unless a Mashpia or educator is present to ensure that the laws of Tznius are adhered to.

Rabbi Yeruslavsky also addresses the custom of traveling to Meron on Lag Ba’omer, and says that when traveling there, men and women should sit separately on either side of the vehicle.

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