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YU Chabad Club Hosts Chassidus Expert

Rabbi Leibel Altein, Chief Editor of Chassidus Mevueres, Director of Heichel Menachem in Borough Park and one of the world’s most renowned and sought after experts in Chassidus, made his way to Yeshiva University on Monday night, April 7th (7 Nissan) for a “Special Chassidus Shiur” put together by YU’s popular Chabad Club.

The event was arranged in collaboration with YU Mashpia Rabbi Moshe Weinberger‘s Monday night Chassidus Shiur.

Rabbi Altein spoke about the uniqueness of the Tanya, and how Tanya and Chassidus can help every person grow in their Yiddishkeit.

The Shiur lasted for over an hour, with about 50 students and faculty members in attendance.

“The students just didn’t want him to leave,” commented Danny Fordham, Yeshiva University Chabad Club President. “We plan to invite Rabbi Altein to come back next year. I have never seen so many students so enthralled,” he said.

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