Today: First Yahrtzeit of ‘Uncle Yossi’

Today is the first Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yosef Goldstein, OBM. A veteran educator, Rabbi Goldstein inspired generations of young and old with his stories and parables.

A pioneer in filming the Rebbe on a consistent basis, it is thanks to him that many priceless moments from 1950s and 60s were captured on film.

Thank G-d, his spirit was contagious, and several of his children also recorded many hours of audio, film and video. Significant portions have graciously been passed to JEM, who consider it a privilege to have shared many of the Goldstein family’s treasures with the world.

All of Klal Yisroel is indebted to “Uncle Yossi.” The greatest tribute to him is the fact that thousands of people around the world are able to watch videos of the Rebbe thanks to him.

Here a video he filmed by Yossi Goldstein on 19 Kislev, 5728 (1967), restored by JEM’s Living Archive (featured on Living Torah program 430):

In his inimitable style, Reb Yossel shares a memory of the Rebbe with the My Encounter team (featured on Living Torah program 262):