Young Entrepreneurs Graduate 12-Week Course

A dozen people gathered on a frigid Thursday night in the Crown Heights Young Professionals Workspace. Young and aspiring entrepreneurs, they are the first group to graduate from a unique partnership between the CHYE and the Hebrew Free Loan Society.

Together with business coach John Childress, twelve students took part in a 12 week course designed to bring their nascent businesses to the market. Experts on small business, creating a business plan, financing and law joined each week to share their knowledge with the attendees.

According to Rabbi Yehoshua Werde, Director of CHYE, the goal of the three month course was to give students “the tools they need to succeed in the business world.”

While past courses had the attendees in the student spot, on graduation night the community members had a chance to present their projects on stage.

After Yechiel Lichtman, the last student to present, outlined his plans for a, an upcoming web and video site slated to be the first ever ‘Kosher Food Network,’ Childress addressed the attendees.

“There are three goals I want to leave all of you with,” he said. “That entrepreneurship knows no limits, that determination is the most important characteristic and that careful planning will make a world of difference when you’ve put everything together.”

In a private conversation after the graduation, he confirmed his high hopes for the graduates and his pleasure working with CHYE.

“This has been an excellent program,” Childress said. “The members of this community understand what their needs are and what they need to do to make them happen.”

Asher Brummel, who took the course to fine tune his promotional products and printing services,, felt the class to be “incredibly valuable, even for people with existing businesses.”

Yossi, another aspiring entrepreneur, attended the course after hearing about it from Rabbi Werde. Using the skills he learned, Yossi hopes to even further boost the growth of Solomon & Samson, the health products company he co-founded. “This course has been amazing,” he said. “In Crown Heights we normally don’t have opportunities as rewarding as this.”

“I gained everything I needed to know to bring my vision from my head to actually launching it,” he said. “Every class encompasses a different aspect of business strategy. It was a great benefit for the Crown Heights community.”

The graduating students and their ventures were Avi Werde, ECS events; Idan Egan, Custom Handmade Jewelry; Yossi Hershkop,; Yossi, Solomon and Samson, a functional vitamin company; Eli Goldstien, IT Services; Asher Brummel,; Yechiel Lichtman,; Aaron Deitsch,; Ariel Cohen, Victor Peso; and Moshe Heber.

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  • 1. TY wrote:

    brilliant concept to do this for many reasons! SOOO happy to read about this.
    May they all become successful and be able to help other yidden!


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