Chassidim Get Involved to Help Keep the Kolel Open

Kolel Menachem, one of the only moisdos founded by the Rebbe and now bears his name, launched a fundraising campaign to help keep its doors open and the electricity on. Thanks to the involvement of community members an anonymous donor pledged up to $50,000 to match whatever is donated.

The Kolel was founded in 1962 by the Lubavitcher Rebbe and carries his name. It is run under the auspices of Machne Israel, has trained some 3,000 men in post and applied rabbinic studies.

In recent years the Kolel has fallen on particularly hard times, struggling to keep the lights on. In response a group of chassidim got involved and in the effort to keep the Kolel open have secured a donor who has pledged to match every donation – dollar for dollar – up to $50,000.

The following letter was sent out the community:

Kollel Menachem – the Chabad Lubavitch Kollel, was established by the Rebbe in 1962, under the aegis of Machne Israel and the Mazkirus. It has since become a renowned institution of Torah study serving students from around the world.

Kollel Menachem provides an environment for high level academic learning and study thereby educating scholars who can then go on to serve the global Jewish community in a much needed capacity.

The Kollel operates under the astute tutelage of Rabbi Yosef Avrohom Halevi Heller. Its multi-faceted program while primarily focusing on Talmud, Halacha and Chassidus prepares these young scholars for a life devoted to Shlichus and the Rabbinate by providing them with specific tailor made courses and lectures to ensure they have the proper tools and training in applied Rabbinical studies, leadership, outreach, family counseling and communal development.

For many years now Kollel Fellows have assumed prominent shlichus positions in the Rabbinate or lay leadership in Jewish communities around the globe.

The Kollel doors are open for all people who wish to avail themselves of the studious environment, who find it a refreshing oasis conducive to Torah study.  They can come to learn, listen to a shiur, find a chavrusa or do individual research. The huge Kollel library offers the young scholars and guests excellent resources with over twenty-five thousand volumes in its library, and its new computer room equipped with Otzar Hachochma.

To date, after fifty-two years, the Kollel has trained more than three thousand Rabbis, most of whom serve the world wide Jewish community in Shlichus and/or the rabbinate.

The strength and existence of the Jewish people has always been intrinsically bound to the study of Torah, and educators who are fortified with the observance, inspiration, depth and excitement of Torah. Now, more than ever before, there is a growing and urgent need to develop Jewish leaders for our present and the future.

We would like to ask you to partner with us in the continuing success in the Kollel going forward. The need is great!  The Kollel is solely dependent on the financial aid of Anash and alumni.

The current average monthly maintenance cost of the Kolel, including stipends for the student’s salaries,  is approximately $30,000.

For a limited time you can NOW double your contribution!

Please act quickly to help us take advantage of a onetime unique opportunity to double your donation. An anonymous donor has promised to match the first $50,000 donated, until Purim.

Thanking you for your consideration, and with every good wish and blessing,

Rabbi Noach Fox, On Beahlf of the Vaad of the Kolel


Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, Chairman of Machne Israel

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  • 1. Sruly Clapman wrote:

    I will be a straight up Apikores here and everyone should listen closely.

    Donating is a bad choice where to place Tzedaka money. The Yungerlayt should all get jobs!!!!
    The $250.00 dollars ain’t gonna help them regardless. 2nd the guys wake up late and drink cofee in 770 and roll into Kollel at 12 while thier wife’s all stood on the trains going to work at 7am.

    There is also no acountalbity Avraychim have to take their own attendance so they all LIE and day they came every day and never missed a Seder ” what a great way to start a marriage “.

    Whoever is serious about learning should go to Rabbi fishers Kollel at 770 Montgomery where he pays $1,000.00 dollars a month and had a REAL Rosh Kollel they keeps a eye on the guys.

    P.S. please don’t atack me and say the BS nonsense that you know guys that are always there and never miss a Seder

  • 3. K wrote:

    As someone who has been in a different kollel for over 15 years, I can share a few practical insights.

    Firstly, there are MANY balei-batim who would PAY to learn an hour or two with a kollel guy. This should be set up THROUGH the kollel and as a way of fundraising for the kollel budget. Many kollels do this outside of CH and everyone gains: the kollel guy gets a bit extra income, the kollel admin gets funds, the kollel gives back to community and becomes partners with the community, while the balei batim are getting extra value for their dollars. It is a Win-Win system.

    Second, part of kollel learning is harbotzas hatorah. Kollel could publish and sell seforim on specific topics of halacha. If the quality of the sefer is good – it will bring in money both from sponsors and book sales.

    Third, as a community, kollel personnel should be used for local kashrus hashgocha – who more worthy of such positions than dedicated learners?! This too should be done as a partnership with the kolel administration to help cover the budget.

    Fourth, an official Yisoccer-Zevulun chmpain is needed where a bal habos can partner with a learner for one-eights hours a day at a set rate. The attitude MUST change! It is the learner who is helping the bal habos get olom haba for a mere few dollars, not the other way, that the bal habos is helping the kollel guy!

    During my 15 years in kollel I was able to be machaber seforim, be marbitz torah l’rabim and even purchase a home. Yes, my aishes chayil works full time and is zoche to olom haba for her shutfas in my torah and my shver has the zchus of supporting my learning, but the bulk of my income comes from the community and the U.S. Government programs.

    • 4. K wrote:

      The ba’ali esek needs to understand that his hatzlocha is ONLY because of the lomdei Torah, after all,. the entire world exists ONLY for limud hatorah.

      People need to “get it” – if they want gashmiyus wealth, it comes from supporting real torah learning which is kollel. If they want children that give them nachas, it comes from supporting those who learn torah in kollel.

      If they want hatzlacha with shidduchim and all other crisis – they must support kollel torah.

      This is BASIC alef bais.

      In kollel we learn torah lishma and cause the world to exist, bringing everyone else gashmiyus. The more they give to the kollel, the more they get!

  • 5. To #2 wrote:

    Very well and agreed.

    Not everyone has a Aishes Chayil like yours wow!!!

    But this is the rebbes kolel and it is important to see it thrive!!!!!!!

    • 6. K wrote:

      My AIshes Chayil is a true partner in my limud hatorah, and after 120 will join me in the yeshiva shel ma’alah.

  • 7. To all wrote:

    This is a great place to study and learn.

    I am a BT for years and enjoy going in and learning sometimes with a Kollel guy.

    It is spacious and nice to learn.

    Whoever helps this cause is making the rebbe happy!!!!!

  • 8. resident wrote:

    My business is only successful because of the torah that is being learnt. THESE YOUNG MEN ARE A REAL ROLE MODEL TO MY CHILDREN. KOL HAKAVOD TO YOU.

  • 9. to #1 wrote:

    Is this how a sofer son can write. Each person must have their monthly such signed by rabbi heller. If u don’t show he won’t sign. Over 75 guys sit all day learning with me sir as nefesh and it seems u are an apikoras ……

  • 10. To 1 wrote:

    So what if I’m not on time! Fact is in my Shona rishona as a man I should not be sitting on a train for 3 hrs a day when I can have the right thoughts in the seviva of kodesh! If you have learnt something, it is the mans thoughts that create what kind of child I bring into this world. So I don’t get paid for work of it is my wife’s work of 10 hrs a day the we are able to pay rent and shabos we walk our suit cases to my mother. I do t know about u but it works for me!

  • 11. Calling all former and present kollel members wrote:

    The first comment was derogatory of our kollel and our Rosh Kollel. Post a comment of protest, stand up for kovod hatorah.

    • 13. Silence wrote:

      You called for them to raise their voice in protest. The sound of silence is deafening. At the end of the day, they don’t care.


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