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Chabad Cheders in the Northeast Unite for a Day

It was a busy day in New Jersey this past Thursday, Ches Shevat, as busloads of children from New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut and Wilkes-Barre assembled together for the 6th annual Kinus HaChadorim.  This was no ordinary Kinus, as its participants are all Tzeirei HaShluchim and Anash of small Jewish communities – children who daily epitomize dedication and commitment to Chassidishe Chinuch.

Hosted by Cheder Menachem, North Brunswick NJ, the Kinus was a beautiful day of inspiration and interaction for small community Chadorim in the tri-state area. The theme of the day was Ahavas Yisrael – Biz Mesiras Nefesh – and it resonated in the happy smiles of the children, interacting and learning with each other, all in the spirit of preparing for the auspicious day of Yud Shevat.

“Our students prepared by studying Ahavas Yisrael through studying HaYom Yom,” said Principal Mrs. Chanie Zaklikovsky, as she pointed out the hallway decorated with beautiful trifold posters depicting this theme.

The students made their way through a beautiful garden to participate in interactive workshops, where they learned about Hiskashrus, farbrenged, created crafts and played games. The older boys enjoyed a heart-warming farbrengen with Rabbi Dovid Dubov, Shliach of Princeton.  Each school shared performances about the theme of the day – Ahavas Yisrael Biz Mesiras Nefesh.

Approximately 200 children filled the auditorium for a grand Banquet; the room adorned with beautiful centerpieces proclaiming Chassidim Ein Mishpacha. Rabbi Moshe Gourarie of Toms River, NJ, officiating as master of ceremonies, led the students in singing the 12 Pesukim and a mini Siyum HaRamBam. Rabbi Nochum Kaplan, Director of the Chinuch Office, addressed the audience with a true inspirational story. And dessert? A surprise visit from the French Twin!

“The Kinus developed over 6 years ago,” said Mrs. Chanie Zaklikovsky, Principal of Cheder Menachem, “It fulfilled an important need- for children of Shluchim in small community Chadorim to interact and learn with each other.” Mrs. Goldie Azimov, Administrator of Cheder Menachem agrees, “The students look forward to it yearly. It has become a highlight of the year!”

Mrs. Shevi Lowenstein, Principal of Cheder Chabad Philadelphia added, “The program itself – with the video, speaker, nigunim, pesukim, artwork in the back of the room – was truly uplifting and really enjoyable.”

The smiling faces of the students are a clear testimony to another special Kinus.

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