Telethon Highlights Chabad Activities on Long Island

On Sunday, Hei Teves/December 8th, hundreds of thousands of people across the Tri-State area tuned in to the Chanukah Telethon of Chabad of Mineola, Long Island. This annual broadcast is a beacon of ‘Yiddishkeit,’ spreading the warmth of Torah and tradition while demonstrating the most essential quality of Judaism – helping those in need.

The Telethon is directed is Rabbi Anchelle Perl, Spiritual Leader of Congregation Beth Sholom-Chabad of Mineola. Rabbi Perl is well known to people of all faiths in this region – as a religious leader and philosopher, and as a philanthropic go-getter for the organizations he directs.

This year, major singing stars, accompanied by the Neshomoh Orchestra, took center stage on behalf of the Mineola Chabad’s outstanding array of social service programs. They included Comedian Modi, Soul Farm, Lenny Solomon, the Shira Choir, Zvi Russell and the Dancing Rabbis!

They were joined by leaders in the entertainment industry, as well as leaders in the civic and corporate communities. With the unique convergence of Chanukah and Thanksgiving, the Telethon featured the winning recipes of Malka Kipnes and Laura May. The purpose of the Recipe Contest was to help focus of the importance of keeping kosher with all of its trimmings.

In honor of Hei Teves, all the VIPs received a special gift – the recently published book Seeds of Wisdom, highlighting yechidus encounters with the Rebbe.

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  • 1. Moshe Yitzchak wrote:

    It’s interesting, its called the Chanukah Telethon but it was after Chanukah. Maybe as long as its within 3 days u could still call it Chanukah, the same din is abt bein Mavir Sedra u have till Tuesday which is within 3 days of Shabbat.


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