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8th Graders Unite in Preparation for Yud Shevat

In the 3 weeks leading up to Yud Shevat, talmidim of the 8th grade from numerous Yeshivos from across the United States and Canada united in a series of 3 Webinars as part of their personal preparations for Yud Shevat.

Every week, the talmidim would join a virtual conference room, to listen to a guest speaker sharing thoughts and stories in relation to Yud Shevat, bochurim and their mission and purpose in life – all while in their respective school classrooms.

Each week featured its’ own speaker and theme:

Week #1 featured Rabbi Velvl Butman, Shliach of the Rebbe to Westchester County, who spoke on “The Rebbe; Guiding my Personal Life”.

Week #2 had Rabbi Yisroel Fried, Shliach of the Rebbe to the Upper West Side speak of the challenges of a Student in “Dor HaShevi’i” and how to tackle them.

Week #3 brought Rabbi Dovid Kahanov, Mashpia in Mesivta Oholei Torah of Crown Heights, whose theme was “My Rebbe”, answering many questions that a talmid and bochur may have as he approaches Yud Shevat.

Talmidm and Melamdim were uplifted and infused with a sense of pride and responsibility; who we are, what we represent and what are we here to accomplish. Plans have already been mapped out for a similar series of Webinars as a preparation for the Rebbe’s birthday – Yud Alef Nissan.

The program was coordinated by Cheder Menachem of Los Angeles, CA and hosted by ULY Crown St.

A special yasher koach goes to all Yeshivos and their coordinators that organized and participated in one – or more – of these beautiful, as a part of their moisad’s hachanos for Yud Shevat (in alphabetical order):

Cheder Chabad – Monsey, NY
Cheder Chabad – Toronto Canada
Cheder Lubavitch – Chicago, IL
Cheder Lubavitch – Morristown, NJ
Cheder Menachem – Los Angeles, CA
Darchei Menachem – Crown Heightsa
Klurman Mesivta – Miami, FL
Ohr Menachem – Crown Heights
Oholei Menachem – Crown Heights
ULY Crown St. – Crown Heights

Technical software and support was graciously provided and facilitated by Mr. Eran Viner of

A special thank you goes to Rabbi Leivke Kaplan, Getzy Raskin, Yosef Shmalberg, and the entire staff of for arranging the taping of these webinars and airing them on their site for all to benefit.

Elementary Yeshivos, whose 8th grades did not have the chance to join in the Yud Shevat webinars may contact Cheder Menachem to be included in all future Webinars, and similar initiatives geared towards 8th grade talmidim by emailing

You can see highlights of the Webinar of Week #1 at Torah Cafe.

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