Mishpacha Magazine Profiles Rabbi Fishel Jacobs

Harold Jacobs — Jewish in his heart but not yet in practice — bought a poultry processing factory in Vermont and moved his family out to South Royalton (population 1,100) from Brooklyn when Flip/Philip/Fishel was ten. “Dad’s philosophy was, let the kids grow up in the country and they’ll be healthy.’ It would have been a good plan if I didn’t almost get myself killed in the process,” Rabbi Fishel Jacobs reminisces from his well-appointed study in Kfar Chabad, surrounded by an extensive library and piles of his own titles.

“It’s a classic hick town and we were the first Jews there. The parents didn’t mind that their children were beating up the new Jewish kid. It’s not a sophisticated Al Sharpton–like anti-Semitism over there, more like the Sunday preacher style. So I was getting beat up all the time — in the locker room, on the soccer field.”

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  • 1. Nachy wrote:

    Mishpacha has really stood tall in giving Chabad respect and coverage. Kol hakaovd.

  • 4. Rabbi Fishel Jacobs wrote:


    It’s very nice that CrownHeights.info posted this announcement of the interview.

    Please note: The online interview (above) on the Mishpacha website does not include the full interview.

    For that, it would be suggested to purchase the paper magazine.

    As an aside, the interviewer was extremely warm, sensitive and very positive.

    Particularly when I expressed a desire that the interview have a ”mivtzoyim” slant.


    Rabbi Jacobs

  • 5. Black Belt wrote:

    I got my “black belt” (i.e. my gartel) by getting married. I’m not sure if that was easier or harder than what Rabbi Jacobs did to get his.

  • 6. UK fan wrote:

    Not to be confused with Rabbi Fishel Cohen Chabad shliach to Birmingham University in the UK.

  • 8. Yirmi Hoffman wrote:

    WAy to Go Rabbi!!!!! Rabbi Jacobs Mazel Tov in the upcomig Marraige of your Son and Tomim Mende Jacobs!! His ufruf will be in 770 this Shabbos and wedding will be next week in Israel!


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