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Striking Doctors Spent the Night in Kfar Chabad

Shturem, Arutz 7

Hundreds of Israeli doctors spent the night in Kfar Chabad on their way to Yerushalayim. They are participating in a country-wide protest march which began in Ramat Gan. They are planning to set up a protest tent opposite the government complex in the capital.

Rabbi Binyomin Lifshitz, chairman of the Kfar Chabad Vaad, was requested to put the doctors for the night, and he gladly welcomed them. The Kfar residents prepared to host them and greeted them with refreshments and drinks.

Leaders of the Israel Medical Federation, including Dr. Leonid Idelman – who is in the second day of a hunger strike – left Kfar Chabad, just east of Tel Aviv, Tuesday morning on their march to Jerusalem to protest the lack of agreement with the government on a collective bargaining agreement which includes salary adjustments and reforms in the public health system.

The Prime Minister’s Office announced Monday evening that its executive director, Eyal Gabbai, will try to mediate between the government and the doctors on Tuesday.

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  • 1. declasse intellectual wrote:

    Wake up people!! See what is occuring in Israel with the doctors. this is just part of what is coming when obama’s heaalth care package takes effect. Rationioning, death panel–end of life consuling, reduced access to doctors. already major providers like the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland clinic etc haave declined to partici0pate and to accept obama health care owing to over burdensome bureaucratic regulations and severily reduced fees. Get on the horn and tell you congressional representative to change the health plan and no one will have health coverage and everyone will join the Doctors in protest.

  • 2. Reuven wrote:

    #1- you do not know what you are talking about.

    We already have rationing. If you have private insurance or lots of money, you get what you want. If you have no money, you get most of what you want. If you have some money, and no insurance, you get no health care. That’s rationing.

    There are no death panels. A lie, political fabrication. Get it? NO DEATH PANELS!

    You will have as much access to doctors as you already have. You might wait a little longer for an appointment, because 30 million Americans who don’t have health insurance now will have it soon, so they will be getting the primary care you now enjoy. Seems like a good bargain to me.

    Admit it: you don’t like Obama because he is a black Democrat.

  • 3. declasse intellectual wrote:

    Att: Reuven: You have not read the bill and yes in the 900 section of the massive bill they stuck in the requirement to have end of life counsling section with mandated sessions.
    Yes, I do not like Obama because he is a left wing liberal who will destroy this country. He and his big buddy George Soros have attacked the American Constitution and the Bill of rights. his economic [policies are a complete disaster and this is the reason for the current debt crisis as he believes in spend, spend, spend and taking all the money awauy from people like me who worked years to build up a little nest egg. Did you not know he supports nationalizing all IRA’s and 401K’s etc.
    I would care if Obama had green skin–he is a disaster for this coun try–wrose then Jimmy Carter who like Obama hat es Israel.

  • 4. Tznius wrote:

    Just curious was this “sleep over” event according to our desired standard of tznius? Or are we afraid (embarrassed) to address this issue?


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