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Emotional Isru Chag Kinus Torah at Tzeirei HaShluchim

Rabbanim and members of anash joined Yeshivas Tzeirei HaShluchim’s students for a special Isru Chag Kinus Torah in accordance with the Rebbe’s directive. The day’s learning was dedicated in merit of a complete recovery for Tzfat Shlucha, Rebbetzin Sarah Kaplan.

Rabbi Chaim Yakobovitch, a mashgiach in the yeshiva and a compiler of the Shaar Menachem sidur, opened the event with a discussion of the Me’ayn Shlosh bracha and the method of reciting“al hagefen” for wine produced in Israel. He was followed by a lecture on Matan Torah’s being on the 50th day after the Jews’ leaving Israel by Montreal Shaliach, Rabbi Shneur Zalman Kaplan.

Rosh HaYeshiva of Tzeirei HaShluchim, Rabbi Sholom Hertzel, then took the podium and discussed tearing paper on Shabbat in light of the Alter Rebbe’s approach in Shulchan Aruch HaRav, and the opinion of the Mishneh Berura. He was followed by Tzfat Shliach and Director of Beis Chana, Rabbi Yosef Chitrik, who offered a thorough discussion of “Ben Chamesh LeMikra” and “Ben Eser LeMishnah” in our days.

The student body was next represented by HaTamim, Yisrael Areyh Leib Keivman of England, who presented the Rebbe’s approach regarding methods of refuah found in Shas in our times. HaTamim, Shmuel Chelly of Paris, the presented the concept of Bar Matzra and its involvement in Matan Torah.

Shliach to Yeshivas Tzeirei HaShluchim – Tzfat, HaTamim Shaya Denberg, summarized the event and concluded the kinus, which ended in joyful spirits and with many hachlotos for growing and adding in limud HaTorah for the upcoming year.

“I’m confident that the merit of the Kinus Torah will have a positive impact on my mother’s speedy recovery,” said Tzfat Head Shliach Rabbi Chaim Kaplan via a message sent in honor of the event from the hospital.

Also participating in the event were the dedicated members of the Yeshvia’s staff: Menahel Ruchni, Rabbi Shlomo Azeraf; Magid Shiur, Rabbi Ben-Tzion Friedman; Magid Shiur, Rabbi Menachem Mintzberg; Mashpia, Rabbi Menachem Zilberstrom; Mashpia, Rabbi Nachum Kaplan; and more.

At this moment, a select group of exceptional students are testing baal peh on the complete Masechta Pesachim in preparation for the upcoming visit and testing by Israel’s Sefardic Chief Rabbi, Shlomo Amar.

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