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Young Chevra Contribute Over $140,000 to Gemach

S. CALIFORNIA [CHI] — Over 200 members of Young Lubavitch Chevra of S. California gathered at The Mark Auditorium this past Motzei Shabbos for a Melava Malka Cocktail evening to benefit Keren Avraham Eliezer – the Young Chevra Gemach.

Attendees enjoyed an elegant cocktail evening of sushi, hors d’oeuvres, cappuccino, and buffet dinner catered by MGM Caterers. Everything was first class.

Following cocktail hour, Young Chevra director Jonathan Herzog thanked the Gemach Director, Danny Levin and paid tribute to Rabbi Mendel Goldman and his family for providing the seed capital that helped establish the Gemach.

After an inspiring D’var Torah from Shliach Rabbi Aaron Abend, participants were moved by emotional words from Rabbi Mendel Goldman about his brother Avremi OB”M, for whom the Gemach is named. Rabbi Levi Raichik then emphasized the importance of a Gemach and requested that individuals publicly announce how much they were willing to contribute as a “Pikadon” to the Gemach. What happened next was truly inspirational for all who were present. People raised their hands and called out numbers, “$1000” “$5000” “$3000” “$10,000” and so on. By the time the numbers were tallied, an event that the organizers hoped could possibly raise $50,000 had raised over $140,000! This charitable stream of offers will undoubtedly have a tremendous impact for the Young Chevra community.

Following the formal part of the evening, Rabbi Mayer Greene auctioned off several coveted items including a full week rental of a luxury car (sponsored by Mennny Lipsker & Simcha Kagen), Pistol training for three (sponsored by Shmulie & Shelly Newman), Family weekend at Running Springs (Sponsored by Yossi & Menucha Burston), Family portraits (sponsored by Stanley Chai Photography), Round trip business class ticket (sponsored by Allan Friedman) and a replica picture of the Rebbe that survived the tragic Westwood Chabad house fire in 1980, (donated by Chabad of California). The evening culminated with a special performance by master illusionist, Shimi Illuzini, often referred to as Israel’s own David Copperfield.

The success of the evening was a credit to the Achdus demonstrated by the growing Lubavitcher communities of Southern California and to all the volunteers that helped orchestrate this phenomenal event. Everyone had a wonderful time, and more importantly, left the Melava Malka knowing they had accomplished something very meaningful.

A special Yasher Koach to all the Young Chevra members who generously pledged to contribute to the Gemach. Their generosity will help The Gemach provide assistance to countless young Lubavitcher families in need of temporary relief and assist many Lubavitcher entrepreneurs begin and expand their businesses. Yasher Koach!!!

“Young Chevra of Southern California” is an association of young Lubavitch familes from 10+ communities throughout Southern California. The goal of Young Chevra is to promote achdus between the younger Chabad communities of Southern California and strengthen their overall connection with each other.

Keren Avrohom Eliezer – The Young Chevra Gemach, is a valuable resource for young families in Southern California. The Fund is available to assist people overcome a wide variety of circumstances including: helping to make a Simcha, expanding a business, providing a bridge loan, a cash flow crisis, or other financial difficulties.


  • 1. Soroh wrote:

    Could the organisers of this amazing event please tell us, if the gemach would also help out singles who need temporary financial help to help them through a ‘sticky patch’, if there were people who are willing to be guarantors for that particular single, or is this only for young families?
    Please could you answer us via CHI
    Thank you so much and may you go from strength to strength;


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