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Photos: Sydney Lag BaOmer Parade!

Thousands of Jews gathered to take part in a community wide Parade in honor of Lag B’Omer today. All the organizations represented themselves with beautiful floats. The parade ended in the park with a carnival and a special concert featuring renowned singer Chaim Dovid.

A contest was held among the children to see who could produce the best banner, dozens of colorful and original entries were given in for judging.

The whole of Sydney could agree that this was a day to remember.

Full Banner


  • 3. wow wrote:

    very impressive baruch hashem!!!
    every float looks amazing!!
    well done chabad youth

  • 4. YGC FAN wrote:


  • 7. a big fan from NY !! wrote:

    Niasoff Borthers always doing a great job !!! Nice to see you

  • 8. chabad youth fan! wrote:

    wow! mazal tov chabad youth , very much appreciated:)

  • 9. Maimon Fan wrote:

    Wow it’s Moshe Maimon!!! I am such a HUGE fan of the AWESOME mivtzoyim work you do! I can’t wait to see you at the Sushi Event this Shabbos! WAY TO GO MOSHE!!!

  • 10. i was there wrote:

    the day was perfect. the achdus was tangible. the amount of ppl was incredible. elimelech did a phenomenal job. and the bochurim’s float was AMAZING!! Second best was Yeshiva Girls Cheder. Very artistic, large and eyecatching. Yechi Hamelech

  • 11. Sydney wrote:

    B”h finally all the politics were put aside, all the different communities joined and it was an amazing event, a big Kidush Hashem.

  • 12. sheina fan ;) wrote:

    sheina i love u…u look soooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • 13. btw wrote:

    The basketball float said: ‘the ball is in ur court. Score the final goal. do the final deed. bring moshiach now!’

    The lighthouse float said: ‘a lil light brightens a sea of darkness’

  • 15. Luv Rivkie & Co. wrote:

    Elimelech & Yanky Levy!! U r the best!!
    So so proud!! Terrific work!!

  • 17. well done!!!!!!!! wrote:

    Go raizel sheina and atara!!!!!!!!!!!!! u did amazing :) Shkoyach

  • 18. well done!!!!!!!! wrote:

    Go raizel sheina and atara!!!!!!!!!!!!! u did amazing :) Shkoyach


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