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Musician Offers Friendship Circle Song Free, for your Vote


In yet another push for the Friendship Circle musician Moshe Hecht is offering his song entitled “My Friend”, which was written by himself out of his inspiration as he himself was a Friendship Circle volunteer as a teenager. Today with just a few days left to vote in the Chase Community Giving competition for $1 million, the song is being offered as a free download to whoever votes for the friendship circle.

“I wanted to do more then just vote” said Moshe, “so here is my encouragement to get those that didn’t vote already to go head and vote.”

The song was written from the perspective of a child with special needs, “My Friend” illuminates the impact volunteers make through their time spent talking, playing and bonding with their special friends. Filled with emotional lyrics like “I may not look like you, but I sure dream like you,” and “I can’t stop smiling, for no one knows me like you,” the song describes the transformative bond that is affecting the lives of the children, their families, and their volunteers as they help remove the stigmas so often applied to those with disabilities.

“I’ve seen firsthand how friendship can change everything” says Hecht. “I wrote this song to share that reality with the world.”

Click Here to vote.

Click Here to download the song.


  • 2. FC Fan wrote:

    What a nice song!

    friendship Circle is rising fast in the standings and is almost at 40,000 votes and in 3rd place.

    Vote, Vote, Vote! and get you Facebook friends to do the same.

  • 3. A farchremte yid!! wrote:

    Beautiful!! boys got talent…he should audition for American Idol!!

  • 5. faige wrote:

    to be honest, it’s kind of ridiculous that there are only 38,000 votes crown heights alone can probably get 30,000 votes!

    I hope this song helps, great song by the way!

  • 10. peoples chair wrote:

    very nice.
    however, it sounds a little too similar to some oldies. if you know what i mean.
    Moshe’s certainly a good composer. but as far as his voice is concerned – i’d like to seem him compete on jewishstar thingi – and let the people speak (as mike brown always says in similar words).

  • 11. Big Fan! wrote:

    Moshe you did it again! the song is fabulous! I see a great future ahead of you…
    Don’t forget us when you’re in the big leagues.

  • 16. moved wrote:

    moshe, i love your music. your one of the only jewish singers that have their own style. your voice is incredible. keep inspiring us.


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