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Statement From Chabad Regarding Manis Comments

BROOKLYN, NY — Regarding recent comments made by Rabbi Manis Friedman in response to a question posed by Moment Magazine, we vehemently disagree with any sentiment suggesting that Judaism allows for the wanton destruction of civilian life, even when at war.

In keeping with Jewish law, it is the unequivocal position of Chabad-Lubavitch that all human life is G-d given, precious, and must be treated with respect, dignity and compassion.

Statements and opinions expressed by individuals do not necessarily reflect the position of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. Lubavitch World Headquarters is the only office authorized to speak on behalf of the movement.



  • 3. cant stand the presure! wrote:

    get a life what manis wrote is totally our opinion!

  • 4. Relieved wrote:

    I feel much better hearing these statemets. I must admit that Rabbi Friedman’s comments had me really confused. When the lay person hears things from a prominant rabbi, although they ring untrue, he thinks perhaps the rabbi knows the true torah position. Thanks for the clarity.

  • 5. stunned wrote:

    Way to hang unzer eigine out in the dry. when zimroni and kuti and zalman lipsker do their thing u are quite but all of a sudden rabbi manis says something which was misconstrued now you are making statements?

  • 7. Itamar wrote:

    What is wrong with Manis Friedman? All the times I’ve seen him speak he’s always be intelligent and down to earth. This is such a huge chillel Hashem on so many levels. I just hope the non-observant members of Klall Yisrael don’t see this. I feel personally offended by the disgusting statement he made.

  • 8. yisroel wrote:

    No they are not wimps at all. This is the true position of judaism.
    On the other hand i believe that manis friedmans words were misconstrued and what he really meant that at times killing civilians is necessary albeit unfourtanate.

  • 9. To awacs. wrote:


    Sounding extreme may get people’s attention, but that kind of extremism doesn’t do Chabad any good and they were right to distance themselves from those comments.

    If you want to believe it privately, go ahead.

  • 10. BW wrote:

    Apologists. In writing this trashy apology, Lubavitch has turned off [politically] conservative thinking Jews.

    Why when a Lubaitcher makes a private statement does headquarters think that they are responsible. Are they that arrogant? Do you think the Rebbe would disseminate a statement ‘vehemently disagreeing’ with his words?

    Anything taken out of context may seem inciting etc., but Chabad does not have to apologize for a statement by a private Lubavitcher, that in proper context is peaceful and rational (albeit not a turn the cheek – Christian type answer). threw Rabbi Friedman under the bus. This is not chassidus IMHO.

  • 11. moshe wrote:

    i think if thinks that manis freedmans words are not “OUR” opinion, they should explain what in his statement is against halacha and they should bring sources id love to see some. does NOT speak for me

  • 12. Sam wrote:

    Dear Moshe

    Rabbi Friedman made a mistake, its that simple. I’m sure he understands the need for Chabad HQ ( to make a statement. ask him.

  • 13. john wrote: is not the voice of chabad only the rebbe is and these views are very true according to yiddishkeit which shows that these charlatans know nothing about torah

  • 14. moshe wrote:

    i would still like someone to tell me what mistake he made, what part of his statement goes against our views.
    i understand its not “PC” but since when does that matter, since when does Lubavitch react to popular opinion

  • 15. Civey McDonald wrote:

    Arrogance breeds stupidity. Whether from the “top” the “middle” or the “bottom”. This also includes “left,” “right,” “up,”and “down,” “here,” “there,” “everywhere,” and all around the town. This means: “What comes around, goes around.” If you think you’re G-d’s gift to mankind, you’ll soon find out that, guess what? You aren’t. Duh!

  • 16. e where wrote:

    ditto to what s/he said:
    Sounding extreme may get people’s attention, but that kind of extremism doesn’t do Chabad any good and they were right to distance themselves from those comments.

    If you want to believe it privately, go ahead.

  • 17. anonymous wrote:

    In the Torah there is the story of Shmuel and Shaul HaMelech and Amalek. Shmuel conveys Hashem’s commandment to completely wipe out the entire nation of Amalek – men, women & children and even the animals.

    Shaul – not adhering to Hashem’s words fully, allows women & children to live, (along with Agog the amalek king.) From that episode was born a Haman – whom we all know.

    When we start second guessing Hashem’s commandments, and we think we know better than the holy Torah – we allow Hamans to develop and threaten our very lives.

  • 18. lubavitch official voice??? HUH??? wrote:

    I never read or heard an “official” opinion or comment expressed by the central body responsible to express to the world. Not on Israel, not on Moshiach, not on anything the Rebbe stood for. All of a sudden, this? So maybe as Gimmel tammuz approaches, the same body will publicize the Rebbe’s inyonim in an acceptable manner, that would spread Torah and Kedusha to the world.

  • 19. esther wrote:

    sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it.what manis freidman said was correct.maybe he could have added something to the effect that it’s our enemies relentless and remorseless terrorism that have brought us to this point.

  • 20. Big mistake wrote:

    Manis made hurtful comments

    He needs to understand that shluchim in the
    Field r getting hurt by his stunt

    His tapes must be taken from our stores
    He needs to lay loweww

  • 21. KLAckman wrote:

    I don’t know what the controversy is about, since I did’t read the statement….I do know that, should Rabbi Friedman need support during a time of controversy, he has my full support…no matter the nature of the controversy.

  • 22. Michush wrote:

    HOw does tis statement reflect anything Lubavitch stands for?

  • 23. watever wrote:

    i agree with mendy, the only person that speaks for lubavitch is a rebbe, bc he is a real chossid, and speaks truth, not just reactionary statements for the benefit of world opinion. but seriously, what is up with manis friedman? his comments are just scary.

  • 24. raizel wrote:

    Lubavitch is becoming a liberal PC feel-good movement that resembles reform Judaism with chumros. Such a shame.

  • 25. yoske chabadske wrote:

    it seems to me lubavitch .com is just beeting around the bush.instead of clarifying the Rebbe’s strong opinion about Shleimus Haaretz they just condemn those they don’t hold of,implying that his comments have no validity at all.Where is the Gaon Yaakov to speak about Eretz Yisroel and Moshiach.They are intertwined ,and these people in are Merachek people from the Rebbe .I have a friend a b.t. who after learning in morristown saw that chabad central doesn’t say ANYTHING about Eretz Yisroel or Moshiach ,he now lives in Manchester and went away from Chabad.

  • 26. Yme wrote:

    an honest statement,

    If someone wants to take it in the wrong way, that is his or her problem.

    He said something true, which should be every Lubavichers a way of thinking. Yes the western way of fighting is not moral, how many people die and died from it?

    How many times did the Rebbe scream about this, what is the chabad way, if not this way?

    Perhaps should think over the statment, and explain why this is not the chabad view? and what is then the Chabad view?

  • 27. the Rebbe empowered and decentralized wrote:

    to have one office be the only voice of Chabad-Lubavith negates Shlichus.

  • 28. watever wrote:

    i agree with mendy, the only person that speaks for lubavitch is a rebbe, bc he is a real chossid, and speaks truth, not just reactionary statements for the benefit of world opinion. but seriously, what is up with manis friedman? his comments are just scary.

  • 29. Aarah wrote:

    “wanton destruction of civilian life”?? Who said that?

    I read the article twice. It didn’t say that. Be accurate.
    Sivan 12 HaYom Yom…instructs us to be careful to prounounce the yud with a kamatz. Yes, we need to be careful how we say things.

    This isn’t rocket science…let’s see…if the enemy thinks that we can’t harm women and children – they make great shields, which puts them in harms way. IF the enemy knows that war law allows it in war time, then women and children are NOT effective shields, and won’t be put in harms way. IT SAVES LIVES. (of course, we give the enemy warning, and they have time to remove anything precious from harms way. I guess having a shield is more important than what they make shields out of)

    It reminds me of the halacha that we cannot pay ransom for a kidnapped Jew. Why?? Because it will cause kidnappings. Get it?

    The times require straight talk. It’s urgent. And, Rabbi Friedman will have opportunities to further explain the truth of this matter. He needs to. Hayom Yom Sivan 12 also says, “CHARISH CRITICISM – it will place you on the true heights.” Good things are coming. I look forward to hearing more details from Rabbi Friedman’s line of thought, and reading how you vehemently agree when the next wave of clarification that comes from Rabbi Friedman’s words – from a place of true height.

  • 30. Chonie wrote:

    I’m sincerely and utterly frightened by all the comments here that are of the opinion that Judaism condones “Killing civilians and destroying their holy sites” and especially when comparing it to Amalek or other biblical references.

    It sounds like some people here would like to (and think it’s morally just to) go around bombing random countries and peoples that they consider to be the enemy.

    If you would like to say that we understand the unfortunate inevitability of collateral damage that comes with a war of this sort and you believe that it’s morally justified then say it in a sensitive way.

    There was definitely a need for clarification in this case and it was important for Chabad to release a statement. I also think that Rabbi Friedman’s statement clarified the background of his comment and put it in the proper context.

    To all the Halachick professionals since when can you make a Milchemes Reshus without a Sanhedrin?
    To those who would not like anyone to speak on behalf of Lubavitch other than the Rebbe, that would kinda be hard to arrange if ya know what I mean…that’s why there are shluchim as well as aguch etc (I really don’t know anything about the politics here or what each group does what but whoever is in charge) to release the statement that would best represent Lubavitch and the Rebbe.


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