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Rabbi Tal Ginter Released from Prison

POSTVILLE, IA [CHI] — Yesterdays release of R. Tal Ginter, a Shochet and Menaker in Agriprocessors, prompted great Simcha in the small town of Postville. After 5 weeks and 1 day Tal was released yesterday evening after the Immigration Service admitted a mistake on their behalf and canceled the deportation order.

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Jail and INS bureaucracy almost had Tal needlessly sitting in jail for another day, throughout the day the transfer of paperwork between the courts in Chicago to the jail located in a town as remote as Postville.

After delivering the paperwork to the jail authorities, they attempted to delay the release by stating issues with the paperwork even though the judge’s order was clear, but just before 5:00pm as the jail offices close the release order was given and Tal was released.

Throughout the day they waited for Tal in a remote town located nearly 3 hours away from Postville a number of people that were involved in the Shochets release. Reb Gideion Gretieni who helped with communicating with the lawyers, R. Zev Frimerman who was in constant contact with the jail and made sure Tal had daily visitors and arranged for a Minyan on Shavuos and R. Aharon Shimel.

When the group got back to Postville they took Tal to the Shul where the community awaited his arrival around tables set for a Farbrengen. The simcha, which was evident on the faces of all those present, exploded into joyous dancing in simcha which Postville hasn’t seen.

With Tal’s release a vicious and bitter chapter is closed where the immigration service rocked the small town of Postville. Agiprocessors, the plant owned by the Rubashkin family, has returned to normal operation.


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