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Cheder Lubavitch Chicago First Grade Chumash Celebration

CHICAGO, IL [CHI] — The First Grade class of Cheder Lubavitch of Chicago, under the direction of Rabbi Pinchus Turk, held a Chumash Celebration last week. To commemorate this event, the boys presented a play (in Yiddish) based in Midrash of a childless couple who were blessed with a son in their old age. The boy and his Chumash were kidnapped by a king and his henchman. The boy was saved, by explaining to the king what Sefer Beraishis is all about.

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After the play the yingelach were crowned by Rabbi Turk and then received Chumashim from Cheder Principal Rabbi Zalman Twersky, after saying “Naaseh, Venishmaha,” for accepting to keep the Torah and the Mitzvos. Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz, Head Shliach of Illinois, wished the yingelach all mazel tov with brochos to grow up to be true Chayilim of the Rebbe.

The kinderlach then recited several pesukim from Vayikra and Beraishis.

To conclude, Kita Aleph sang a few niggunim and then all the fathers joined in the celebration by lifting up their son’s on their shoulders and dancing.



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