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Bais Rivkah Shabbaton 5768!

SOUTH FALLSBURGH, NY [CHI] — More than 400 Bais Rivkah high school students gathered this weekend at the luxurious Raleigh Hotel, situated in the beautiful Catskill Mountains, for a grand Shabbaton.

Fascinating and inspiring guest speakers included Rabbi B. Kaplan (Israel), Rabbi Z. L. Markowitz (Monsey, NY), Rabbi and Mrs. Chaya Teldon (Long Island, NY), Rabbi Moshe Bleich (Wellesley Hills, MA) principals, teachers, and Bnos Chabad leaders!

The program included Farbrengens, workshops, singing and more. Motzoei Shabbos there was an exciting Melave Malka featuring a performance by an illusionist, followed by live music and dancing.

Sunday the girls Visited the Ohel where there they wrote panim and shared with the Rebbe their hachlotos.

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  • 1. that was great wrote:

    It was a great shabbatton. The girls really enjoyed it. Thank you Bais Rivkah!! A Parent.

  • 4. brhs freshie wrote:

    shabbaton was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5. Fun wrote:

    shabbaton was sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoo
    much fun!!!!!!We had a blast!!!

  • 6. BRHS Student (9th grade) wrote:

    The rooms were not very fashionable, but we had the entire thing to ourselves. In other years they had to share the hotels. It was very ruchniusdik and we shared our thoughts with our teachers and friends. The shiurim were amazing (I personally had Rabbi Bleich and he was amazing!!!). It was also a lot of fun. We did a lot of amazing things…..
    Thank you Bais Rivka!!!!!!

  • 7. BRHS shabbaton rox! wrote:

    Shabbaton was reeeaalllyy gr8!!!
    It was very inspiring, too!!!
    niggunim, shiurim, farbrengens,
    ask the rabbi, and a “magic” show!
    We had an amazing time!

  • 10. student wrote:

    The shabbaton was amazing!!!!!!!
    All the farbrangeners were awsome and the food was great and of course, the principle teachers and bnos leaders that came made us have a great time.

  • 11. member of klal yisroel wrote:

    it’s very nice that the shabbaton was inspiring but if after that, the Arabs still have the control to attack us then not enough action has been done with the inspiration received. everyone, today, take upon yourself a hachlata and together let’s change this situation and bring the ge’ulah ha’amitis v’hashleima now!

  • 12. BRHS student wrote:

    the rooms weren’t too great but the lobby was really nice which really promoted achdus because we were “forced” to hang out together in the lobby. it was really beautiful and a wonderful experience. BRHS should be blessed with the money to never go another year without a shabbaton

  • 15. 11th grader wrote:

    shabbaton is oh so cheery, shabbaton is cheerio!!!1
    br rox!
    we love our school:)


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