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JLI Launches New Groundbreaking Course in 260 Cities Worldwide

BROOKLYN, NY [CHI] — The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) is launching a new course, entitled “Beyond Belief: Reflections on Jewish Faith, Reason, and Experience”, scheduled to begin in 10 days in over 260 cities across the globe.

JLI anticipates over 12,000 students to enroll in this new course that will examine Rambam’s Yud Gimmel Ikkarim, in which he identified thirteen key beliefs serve as the foundation of Judaism to this day. Taken together, they are a set of necessary and sufficient building blocks that allow us to construct a deep and nuanced understanding of what it means to live as a Jew.

The course will explore questions like: How did the world get here? If the Universe has a Creator, does He run the world, or has He stepped into the background and left things up to physical and human nature? How does G-d communicate with us? What is a prophet? Are there any prophets living today? Who wrote the Torah? Where does the text we read today come from? Are we rewarded and punished for our behavior? What is the meaning of the Jewish concept of a Messiah? Is there an afterlife?

Like all JLI courses, Beyond Belief presents the fundamentals of Judaism in a way that is both challenging yet accessible. Students will have the opportunity to encounter classic primary texts and engage in thoughtful, open discussion.

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