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Semicha Program of Golden Beach Inaugural Dinner and Testing for Semicha

GOLDEN BEACH, FL [CHI] — The Yeshiva Semicha Program of Golden Beach, Florida, under the auspices of Rabbi Chay Amar and directed by Rabbi Berel Gurary, recently celebrated with a monumental inauguration dinner.

The dinner included a Hachnosas Sefer Torah, the Torah to be inducted into the Yeshiva, and was a truly beautiful Kiddush Hashem and Kiddush Shem Lubavitch. It was also graced by the presence of Rabbi Dovid Pinto, renowned in Sefardic communities, who flew in from Eretz Yisroel for the event. There were inspiring speeches heard, a five course lavish dinner served, a live band, and vigorous dancing. The community was very uplifted by the Yiras Shamayim and sincerity of the bochurim.

This week, the bochurim were tested on Hilchos Basar b’Chalav by three most prominent rabbanim. Rabbi Dovid Shochet of Toronto was extremely impressed and remarked that he was “astonished” with the bochurims’ fluency and knowledge of the Halachos. They were also tested by Rabbi Gavriel Tzinner, author of the acclaimed Nitei Gavriel sefarim. He, too, was very pleased with their progress and the quick and accurate responses of the bochurim. Additionally, they had the very unique and special opportunity to be tested by the Rosh HaYeshiva of Oholei Torah Rabbi Yisroel Friedman.

Yasher Koach to our bachurim for the outstanding efforts and results they produced! They are: Yisroel Lesches, Yehuda Marrus, Shmuli Estreicher, Yosef Abramoff, Z.S. Wircberg, Shimon Segal, Zalmy Wolf, Daniel Gerber, Dovid Aba Goldstein, Sruly Clapman, Chaim Kohan, Dovid Nacca, and Arye Lieb Erlich


  • 1. delgy wrote:

    hay dagy
    we love you
    so much nachas im getting
    cant wait 2 c u !!!
    i love u
    sorry 4 imbarrsing you

  • 3. Rabbi Chay, ur the gretest wrote:

    Go Rabbi Chay,
    Its been a looooooooong time since u spent ur bocher days in our house, on Montgomery St. Do u remember when I crashed on u guys in ur bell harbor apartment,, We always knew u would make it big,, GOOD FOR YOU! You make the Rebbe proud!

  • 6. pupa wrote:

    Yisroel Dovid we love you

    you give us tons of naches and make us very proud

    you will G-d willing be the next superstar in jewsih music

  • 7. chaim wrote:

    hey ZASH, I see you are rocking the house. keep up the good work. you’re freinds from California.

  • 8. bob the builder wrote:

    hey SHMULY u are the best
    i always knew u would one of the greats in chabad
    ur friends worldwide

  • 9. fanny wrote:

    Sruly i heard u did awesome on ur test

    u knew things that even the smartest bouchurim in lubavitch didnt know the answers to

    your future is sure to be one filled with the light of torah

    priase lord


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