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Tragedy in Australia: Lubavitcher Couple Killed in a Terrible Accident

The cabin of the semi-trailer. (Picture: Marc Bongers)

R. Zev and his wife Rochel Simons OBM were killed this morning in a horrific crash in Australia. This news leaves the community in Sydney in shock and great pain. The crash took place on the Hume Highway which travels from Sydney to Melbourne, at 11:45am.

The couple, in their late 40s and early 50s, where both killed when their car was involved in a head on collision with a semi-trailer, carrying 43,000 liters of gas in cylinders. The driver of the truck was also killed. Two other cars were involved in the collision but the vehicles occupants escaped with minor injuries.

News Video and more in the Extended Article.

Local authorities and rescue personal evacuated the entire area including nearby restaurants and gas stations, for fear that the gas cylinders may explode. The Simons’s have been very involved in the children’s education; R. Zev was from the principals of the Mosdos in Sydney and his wife Mrs. Rochel was a teacher in the school.

The Simons family is a part of the ‘Tzemach Tzedek Shul’ and the Chabad community in Sydney. reported that they left behind 10 children around the world; Mrs. Nechama Cunin, Mrs. Leah Lang, Mrs. Pesiah Kirshenbaum, Mendel, Moshie, Mushkie, Shaynie, Bassie, Yehuda and Zalman.


  • 1. A former Sydney Bocher Shliach wrote:

    The Simons

    Both of them

    Calm, cool, colective, nice, incredible, amaizing, people

    Sydney a Lubavich comunity where over the past 10 years have been going through alot,

    The Simons

    Both of them doing thier shlichus

    Educating, consintraiting, just doing what had to get done, not letting the many distractions getting in the way of just completing there job

    what a loss… Im in Shock

    Sydney, and the World will miss them…

  • 2. Y Wolf wrote:

    32 years ago on Shlichus to Australia, I got to know zev who was a student at the Melbourne YG. A very nice fellow who ended up dedicating his life to Chinuch and Hafotza. 31 years later I met himn in Chicago while he was celebrating his son’s wedding with the Goodman’s. We hosted a Sheva Brochas and spent hours reminiscing.
    The tragedy is horrible.
    Umocho Hashem Dima Me’Al Kol Ponim.

  • 3. M Woolstone wrote:

    Sydney has lost 2 angels.

    As a friend of the family all i see and hear right now is Zev and Rochels smiles and warm words.
    God should bless their children with only health and happiness.

    May their tears be wiped away with Moshiachs coming right now!!!

  • 4. Chana E. wrote:

    I lived in Sydney in the mid 1980’s and spent many a shabbos at the Zev and Rochel’s. Great couple. I am in total shock and disbelief! Hashem should comfort the children.

  • 5. Choni Marozov wrote:

    Baruch Dayan Emes!

    I worked for R. Zev for a year in Sydney. He was the nicest man. Alwas with a good word and a warm smile.
    The world has lost a gem.
    Hamakom Yenachem Eschem….

  • 6. boruch ben tzvi(A H)hakohaine hoffinger wrote:

    Boruch Dayan haEmes

    Horrible, painful.
    The poor suffering family!
    Oy vey!

  • 7. Dovid and Esther Grossman, Chicago wrote:

    Baruch Dayan HaEmes
    May Hashem comfort family and friends with the immediate Geulah.
    Having worked with Zev and Rochel closely for three years, we came to truly appreciate their great kindness, forethought, and talents. Their laughs and smiles were always contagious.
    Hashem Yerachaim

  • 8. former sydney student wrote:

    Tears are rolling down my cheeks
    AD MOSAI HASHEM AD MOSAI AD MOSAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 10. BL wrote:

    The nicest, most amazing, simple and Tmimusdik couple in Sydney…
    Just doing the right thing no matter what, not giving in to any garbage around them
    Terrible terrible news, Hashem, Ad Mosai!!

  • 11. resident wrote:

    they were the greatest ccouple around never did anyone harm always halped everyone their house was open to all really sad

    the sydney community should come together and work together instead of fighting – rabosei its not only about money its about human life – the people who fight the rebbes shluchim have a lot to think about

  • 12. MelSmicha66 wrote:

    I am totally in shock and saddened by this news. While I did not really know the Simmon’s, while I was doing Smicha in Melbourne about five of us went down to Sydney for a few days and the Simmons’ opened up their home to us, fed us and were such nice unassuming people.

    I wish the family only happiness forever and may Hashem grant them the strength to get through this unimaginable tragedy.

    Hamakom Yenachaim Eschem Besoch Shaar Aveilei Tzion ViYerushalayim.

  • 13. Yanky Nemon wrote:

    As a friend of many of the Simons’ children I am crying in utter shock. How does G-d allow such bad to happen to such good people??

    Reb Zev was an Emesseh Chassidishe yid, a man who touched hundreds of kids lives in his Years as a Mechanech in Yeshiva and Kessesr Torah. He was at every Farbrengen with his boys and he made sure that Sydney would be a Chassidishe city with Seforim and Shmura matzos. There wasn’t a person that I met in my Shlichus in Sydney that didn’t have praise for him. He was a man that was above community politics and loved everyone. I will always remember Reb Zev coming early to the Mikveh in his running shoes, smiling and cheery while we Bochurim were just starting our day. He was a man who was happy to get up early to teach Jewish children.

    I unfotunately didn’t know Mrs. Simons as well, but I remember barging into the house- like Bochurim do- on the way back from F.R.E.E. on Shabbos afternoon before Reb Zev came home from Shul and she immediately brought out chips and pretzels for a Farbrengen. She was so happy to have us there singing Niggunim.

    Moishe, Zalman, Yehuda and the rest of the family- Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Shaar Aveiley Tzion V’Yerushalayim.

  • 14. Yoey Muchnik wrote:

    I am completely shocked and saddened by this terrible news! I was a shliach in Sydney and I knew Zev and all of his children, he was such a special person. As others have already written, he was first of all a mentsch, a great father, in short just a beautifully simple chosid. I remember seeing him this past tishrei in 770 at the end of Simchas Torah still wearing his tallis and crying to see the Rebbe, Oy Rebbe, Ad Mosai, Take us all out of Galus NOW! May his family have the amazing courage and strength to carry on.

  • 15. Hillik Moradi wrote:

    I got the message few minute ago. Like every one else that knew them, I am in shock. Hashem Menachem Aveli Zion. May god give strength to the remaining of their beautifull family, especialy to Rabanith Lea. I knew Zev,from the few times that he visited in newly Habad of Camarillo, stablished by his Hathan Rebbi Lang. He was a Jem and one of a kind human. Great speaker and a thru pure Tzadik. I’ll never forget them.

  • 16. Shloimy Notik wrote:

    I cannot get myself together. The tears are flowing and my heart is heavy. I wish the family healing and comfort during these very challenging times.

    Hashem! Hashem!

  • 17. in shock wrote:

    I am so upset,I can’t believe it happened I worked with mr simons for 2 years when I was in sydney, he was the nices person I know always helping never judging any one always helping the community. We need moshiach ad mosai!

  • 19. sad wrote:

    please try to do your part to bring moshiach, please please please, we cannot just sit back and let these things happen. its really up to us.

  • 20. sydney in mourning wrote:

    hamakom yenachaim eschem besoch shaar aveili tzion viyerusahlayim..
    the feeling at the the present moment is undescricable the whole "sydney" community in crown heights are in total shock and desbelief our thoughts and our prayers are with you the sydmonds may hashem comfort you with the only true form of comfort, moshiach now!!!!!
    there are no words to try to describe what special people the sydmonds where so i won’t atempt to to try….

  • 21. Ad Mosai?! wrote:


    How much do your children have to got through???
    Its enough!
    Bring Moshiach!!!! We are ready and we need it!!

    Hamokoim Yinachem Eschem…

  • 22. Y. Rabin wrote:

    What a horrible tragedy. Such wonderful people and such good friends. OUr hearts go out to their children, paerents, and siblings. May we merit bias moshiach now.
    Yerachmiel and Yaffie Rabin
    Oak Park

  • 23. naomi Greenbaum (medalie) wrote:

    such a tragedy! being in seminary in sydney i got to know the simon family very well, they were so kind and warm and had such an open home, we used to crash at their house for shabbos all the time. such nice warm happy people.what a loss!!!mushy and sheiny my heart and thoughts are with you…may the whole family know only happiness and mazal and brocha!!!! moshiach now!!!

  • 26. Koppel Cohen wrote:

    I worked for Reb Zev at the School and i ac tell you that he was the opiteme of a Mentsch.
    May the family have the courage and strenghth, and be comfortated.
    Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Shaar Evlei Tzion.

  • 27. Saddened!! wrote:

    that is terrible! may the family have the strength and be comforted!

  • 28. mendy wrote:

    As a former student shliach in sydney,i am very shocked , i remember their kindness and hospitality
    Amakom yenachem eschem besoch shear evlei tzion

  • 29. Ezra Solomon wrote:

    I spent many hours with them, in community work, and as a friend in their home.
    Words cannot express the loss to all of us around the world.
    My deepest prayers for the family.
    May we merit Moshiach where we can all be together again, in peace, health and Happiness

  • 30. SZL wrote:

    Shock and awe cannot describe the tragic incident, in which human life was snuffed out. I am at a loss of words, but we must remain strong and steadfast. I was very fond of the late Mr Simons, Zev as we all knew him. It was only a more recent connection, in which I realised that he was a real gentleman, a Chosid and of the purest kind. I remember Zev for his affectionate and warm character, a giant of love and respect. A man, who taught the young about life, but his young life taken too soon. Seldom does it occur that you meet a real Tzadaykus, but what I know is that the late Rochel Simons, was one of them, She was accepting to everyone. I am sure a loose or bad word, never left her mouth.

    May we only share joy and happiness.

  • 31. Mendy Litzman wrote:

    All of us in Sydney still cant beleive its happened. They were the true example of Chasidim . Rocher OBM was my 3yr old doughters teacher . She just made a Bday party for her in Shchool leading it with pisukim. It is a true loss to all of us.
    Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Shaar Evlei Tzion.

  • 32. xjo wrote:

    zev was not just a mentsch he was a mentschs’ mentsch. a real top notch person who cared about and loved each and every child he educated. on top of this he remembered each child. I was zoche to have him as my teacher and he also taught my daughter …. he will be sorely missed by everone who knew him and will be missed by the kids in the school that were not zoche to have him as their teacher yet..

    hashem should grant the family strength to get thru this dark time. they should know that the entire community is behind them and is pained from this loss

    Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Shaar Evlei Tzion.

  • 33. a friend wrote:

    I knew Zev . He was the epitome of mentlichkayt, edelkait and a true chossid.
    May his children only know of simchos.

  • 35. Friends from Lod wrote:

    MUSHKIE we love u here in lod and thinking of you always in these hard times!
    may we have the revelation of Moshiach NOW and may we be able to greet your parents along with all kellal Yisroel!!!!
    Mushkie we are always here for you!

  • 36. ds wrote:

    hamakom yenachem eschem besoch shear avlei tziion veyerushalayim,

    what else can be said?

    Be strong! We’re all with you.

  • 37. Shimon wrote:

    So true what they say. Live every day like it’s your last. Do teshuva before you die and really love the peple around you.

    I have to admit that Zev and Rochel really did love everyone and were very supportive of those people who could not judge everyone favourably.

    You say Zev was above the politics? – to them all was love and feuds over money, buildings or ego were all truly steered clear of and a tranquility was always present in their home.

    They say nefesh habahamis is thinking of yourself and nefesh elokis is concern about others and their needs.

    These were truly people who put other peoples needs in front of their own egos, and brought their kids up the same.

    Those 5 minute conversations friday afternoon in the mikva will be missed.

    To meet a true gentleman every week in Yeshiva mikva was a real honour and I hope we can all take on what Zev and Rochel truly lived by.

    Value each day and live it as if it’s your last.

    Tell your children you love them

    Tell your spouse how much they mean to you

    Farbreng every moment.

  • 38. Shocked and Mournful members of Anash wrote:

    Why in such a tragic time is there a need for the sender of the infomation to mention that the Simon’s were affiliated with the Tzemach Tzedek community, when in fact they were in fact just as much considered members and were fervently involved with the Yeshiva community. They were an authentic example of those who stood above any political ambitions. His last Aliyoh was at the Yeshiva on the Fast of Asoroh beTeives where he ‘strangely’ received the ‘special ‘Haftorah, which certainly has an obvious connection to the situation at hand. We should immediately be Zoicheh to ‘Vehaviosim el har kodshih’ etc. and this should awaken everyone individually to do Teshuva and not to think of everyone else’s Teshuva.

  • 40. sad wrote:

    no no no no this cannot be happening. not to them.not now. no. this is not normal. WHYYY? why
    Oy Hashem take us out of this golus!

  • 41. UNBEARABLE! wrote:

    Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Shear Avelei Tzion V’yerushalayim.

    How can people cope with this kind of tragedy?

    The only comfort I can offer is that if The Rebbe promised us that Moshiach is on his way, then i would have to say that he is indeed on his way. We obviously cannot endure even one more second of this exile! Take us out of this unbearable torture now!

  • 42. Chaim Levi in Texas wrote:

    From a saddened father of a Lod Heichal Lubavitch seminary girl…

    People like the Simon’s change lives and change the world…may their powerful shlichus continue to expand many fold through all whom they have touched, and may Hashem comfort Mushkie and all the beautiful Simon Mishpocha.

  • 43. So sorry .... wrote:

    The Simmon’s were truly great people. Always being friendly with everyone in Sydney and never took sides in politics.We should all take an example together and the Sydney community should all come together in Peace and Harmony, because that’s what zev and rochel would have wanted. They hated machlokos.
    Truly amazing kind people. We will truly truly miss them. Moshiach has to come NOW!!!!!
    Kids- you have wonderful role models to look up to! we are all here for you in sydney!! And may Hashem bless you with strength, and long life.

  • 44. Sruly L wrote:

    They we’re such amazing people … we will surly miss them.

    hamakom yenachem eschem besoch shear avlei tziion veyerushalayim

    vehekeetzu veranenu shoichnei ufur vhaim besohum.

    moshiach now

  • 45. Devestated! wrote:

    I an truly devestated over the loss of these 2 beautiful people. It came as such a great shock to me and everyone I know. I wish the family lots of strength and only simchas!

  • 47. OH MY G-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:

    I cannot believe it. i am shocked and saddened. i wish i could fly over there and do something for the fam.

  • 48. Eyal Bension wrote:

    What a tradgedy!
    What a tradgedy to their family, the community, their Talmidim whom they raised so lovingly.
    May Hashem give healing to their family who are going through so much unexplained pain.
    A former student,

  • 49. Aviva and Pinchos Woolstone wrote:

    Sydney has lost a true Chosid and Chadisiste.The world has less and less people of the calibre of our deceased friends.
    They were people who loved their family, their community and the Rebbe zy”a.
    May G-d have rachmonos on all the Simons family and reunited them with their parents of Blessed Memory with the coming of Moshiach immediately now.

  • 51. a melbourne friend wrote:

    Although I didn’t know them personally, I know some of their children and I cry for them. Ever since I heard the news from a friend here in yeshivah with me, I have thought about my former yeshivah-gedolah-mate Moishe Simon who was just a jolly boy enjoying life. I hope the entire community gets together to support the family in their time of need. Yisron haor min hachoshech. I don’t know if that’s possible, but so it says. Let’s get together and grieve with them and then help them continue with life together.
    All we can do is ask AD MOSAI, AD MOSAI! It’s not that we can’t explain it; it simply not explainable by definition! Hashem take down the curtain of golus and show us your shining face.
    Hamakom yenachem eschem besoch shaar aveilei tzion virushalayim.
    vehokitzu veranenu…. beheim besochom…

  • 52. Close Family Friends wrote:

    Shimon, you wrote it so well.

    I just saw Zev before they left on their trip to melbourne. He was walking behind me on Dover Rd, towards a car park. I said to myself, watch it, he will make sure to stop you and say "hello", lets see. And sure enough he did. Zev stops for that extra second to each person, and says hello how are you, no matter what. As he continued to walk past, i was just then and there thinking, "what nachas his parents must have from raising such a frum nice son, all these years dedicated to teaching others yiddishkeit…..I never really thought such thoughts, and it was just then and there 2 nights ago, that this whole few minutes played out about whata special nice giving person Zev is. Its so freaky. And the end of my thoughts were, "such a sweet kind warm always happy wife" he has. Rochel never says no to anything at all. ever. If she cando it, she did it.
    We know the simons for 26 years when we started out shlichus here in sydney. Rochel was one of the first ladies to come and bring a pot of dinner to our home the first night! All the Simons kids matched up all our kids ages. Our families were like many sets of twins. Our KIDS entire childhood waS a blend of our kids and their kids, all the years. They were the mosteasygoing flexible, generous, warmest, happiest people around. The family always moved over one more space for the unexpected guests that were always welcomed. Zev always brought home the unwanted guests thatnobody else wanted. And he made them feel loved and treated them like everyone else.
    Their house will never be the same. Zalman and Yehuda, need to be able to say mommy tatty they are only what 10? 11? Bassie and shainy, 14? 16? young teenagers, they need their parents guidance and support thru these hard growing up years. Who will be their mommy and tatty? Mushky, You are so beautyful and sensitive, and ready for a shidduch soon. How will you go to the chupah without mommy and tatty? This isnt possible. It is all a nightmare. Didnt we all wish we’d wake up this morning saying, "this wasnt true it was a bad dream?"
    We are all bawling our eyes out nonstop for you guys. Mendle, who are you going to call to tell of your first new babys progress, the first words? walking and talking? chamy and leah, i am lost for words. You were like, grew up in our home. Your home away from home. How will you cope with this? My heart is with you. Hashem took out the wrong cards. It wasnt meant to be your parents! Theres a mistake here. right? If there was a survey who the nicest people in Sydney are, your parents would be voted in as a winner without one hesitation! I promise you, theres a mistake. Hashem mixed up the cards and got the wrong people. This isnt true. Its a huge mistake, right?Zev and Rochel to leave the world so early? Werent they always late to things? so why couldnt they be late now? whats the rush Hashem? Bring them back, did they have to be so early? something doesnt add up here. Hashem, look whats left behind? Willthese kids ever have a shabbos table like they did last week? Who will be their mommy and tatty now? Who? Hashem, there are 10 orphans now. Whats your plan? zalman and Yehuda have bar mitzvas soon. Without their mom and dad? How will it all happen? Their house/home will never be the same. Both sets of grandparents are still alive, k"h into their 80"S and now they have to figure it all out. Hashem, it wouldve been easier to leave Zev and Rochel alive, then to try to clean up this big mess. Its sooooooooo hard! Whats your plan Hashem? I beg you one thing, Hashem, just one thing, please, in t heir Zchus please send Moshiach to us, so that we all will not suffer any longer.
    Close family friends.
    So true what they say. Live every day like it’s your last. Do teshuva before you die and really love the peple around you.

  • 53. chaya L. wrote:

    Although I don’t know them personally, this is a heartbreaking tradgedy for our entire community.Hashem please watch over the family and have Rachmanus for all your children and bring us Moshiach now.

  • 54. Shmuel Levy wrote:

    Mr and Mrs simons were like a father and mother to me over the 5 years I lived in sydney. I truly feel as if lost someone in my own family. Mr Simons was a true chosid and his wife an Aishes Chayil. I worked under Mr Simons for 3 years and never once did he not have time to talk to me or put a smile on my face. I thank Hashem for allowing me to spend the time that I did with him in school and at his home. I feel honored to have known both Mr and Mrs Simons.
    May all his children have the strength to continue in their parents footsteps

  • 55. Chanoch and Sarah Chanah Sufrin & Family wrote:

    Dear Simons Family,

    Being a Bochur and later living in Sydney, whether it was buying sforim, matzos etc. your parents were both warm accomodating, helpful, caring and the list just goes on.

    Living now on Shlichus in Brisbane, where community members here who had contact with your father for sforim etc. are simply lost for words, they never even met him – but the impact over the phone was tremendous.

    May Hashem bentch you all, that you are able to ‘halt zich shtark’ hold on strong, and continue the amazing example that your parents set, and certainly, they will be banging on those gates – and the Geulah will be here.

    המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושליפ

    Chanoch and Sarah Chanah Sufrin
    and family

    The nicest, most amazing, simple and Tmimusdik couple in Sydney…
    Just doing the right thing no matter what, not giving in to any garbage around them
    Terrible terrible news, Hashem, Ad Mosai!!

  • 56. family friend wrote:

    why! why does this have to happen to us. i feel like this is a nightmare. Rebbe, he worked for you, please take care of his children.

  • 57. a member of the sydney community wrote:

    Zev was about thte details in being a true chosid. When he did his morning walks he would not do it withou his Siddur/chitas in hi hands and sying words of Torah. he would do whatever he Can in order to not miss a minyon. he could have left earlier in the day ut did not want to miss kriah for mincha on 10 Taivos.

    He woud not have a shabbos/yom tov meal without reading a chasidihe maaseh, and having all the unwanted guests.

    This year for the first time he made geat effort to learn to daven for the amud on yomim noraim.

    Before leaving to Melbourne he was prud to telme that he cleaned his desk at KTC and placed his book orders or the coming school year (in australia it is summer now).

    He was always (even in tough times) "don lkaf zchus" and was Eibergigebin to his shlichus and the kids of the school.

    He would always be the last to see the students off at the end of the school day.

    Rochel loved teaching in preschool and shept so much nachas when she heard from the parents that their child made a Brocha or said over something that wa taught in the group of 3-4 year olds.

    They both had much Nachas from thier chldren and grandchildren.

    Zev and ochel you will be truly missed.

  • 58. Micha Sloman wrote:

    The hurt that I feel from this tragety is almost unbearable. Zev and Rochel were two pure and beautiful souls. How can we understand the ways of Hashem.

  • 59. Reuven & Tzipporah wrote:

    Shocked and deeply pained to hear this tragic news. Zev and Rochel, true mentshen always with a kind word for everyone. Epitome of Chassidishkeit and Ahavas Yisroel. No words can describe! They will be sorely missed, this is a tremendous loss to family, Anash and Klal Yisroel. We are very heart-sore for their family-children, parents, grandchildren. HaMokom Yenachem Eschem…

  • 60. Michoel wrote:

    It was so nice to be in there house for shabbos and weekday fabrengens, there are an example for us, in truth we must not let our acts of goodness and slow over this, we know they want us only to continue and add in our shlichus here on the world. G-d bless there kid’s with strenth.
    Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Shear Avelei Tzion V’yerushalayim

  • 61. Devorah Leah Levy wrote:

    Simons kids…
    i can´t begin to tell you how sorry i am..
    chami and leah you are like older sisters to me, little sister,
    the rest of the fam like an extension of ours, you didn´t loose your parents, we lost ours!!…we are all here for you… and we love you, and are grieving with you all…we need moshiach now…

  • 62. phil levy wrote:

    i spent my high school years with rachel at moriah college .
    she was an angel in those days and continued to be an angel to her husband and children.
    i saw her at a 30 year school reunion last year and she was so proud to show photos of her entire family.

    we have lost an eshet chatil but hashem has chosen an angel to look over us

    am yisrael chai

    phil levy

  • 63. Mendy Liebermann wrote:

    Shock does’nt even begin to describe the impact and magnitude the terrible loss of Mr.Zev & Mrs.Rochel Simon’s has on the Simons, Braham Family and Sydney Jewish community.

    The Simons family have been our neighbours for so many years. I grew up with the kids. Mr Simons was my teacher. As a child I used to know Mrs. Simons as being Aunty Rochel. I will never forget the smile that she wore on her face full time. Mr.Simons, our family will miss having you come over to our house with your kids to burn your chometz every year. We’ll miss hearing you from our Succah singing niggunim with your family and guests every Succos. I’ll miss wishing you good Shabbos as you make your way to Shule. The last time I had a conversation with Mr.Simons, all he said were praises and positive things. That was who he was as a person. Mr & Mrs.Simons had great dedication to the chinuch of young Jewish children in Sydney and to their family. I don’t know what to say. This is all just too much to digest. I’m stunned and wish this was all just a bad dream.

    We’ll miss you badly Mr.Simons & ‘Aunty Rochel’

    Chamie, Leah, Mendel, Pessah, Moishy, Mushky, Bassie, Shaina, Zalman, Yehuda and to all the Simons and Braham Families I wish you a happy and healthy long life. If you guys need anything, anytime, We’ll be there for you.

  • 64. Bas Yisrael wrote:

    They gave their lives to save the sydney community from itself. A tzadik and a tzadekess, gone in an instant, but their light will shine forever.

    Don’t allow their deaths to be in vain, G-d forbid. Everyone in Sydney MAKE SHALOM with each other. Stop fighting. Tomorrow it may be too late.

  • 65. josh & avigail wonder (your 3rd cousins) wrote:

    what a loss it is for the simons kids and the entire sydney community – mr & mrs simons seem as if they were part of holding up the positivity and spirituality of the sydney chabad community.
    may Hashem give you the children the koach to deal wth this tragedy.

  • 66. Joe Weinstein wrote:

    Baruch Dayan Emes

    Reb Zev and Rochel were/are a TRUE tzadik and a tzadekess, very special Neshamas that many of us have had the privilege and honor to know; with sadness they left us suddenly, undoubtedly to be back in the highest realms of Gan Eden.

    A piece of my heart is missing; no tears can replace it; Their profound and yet quiet influence will remain with every one of us forever.

    May Hashem continue to bless their children, parents, brothers and sisters with only health, happiness and Joy.

    Hamakom Yenachaim Eschem Besoch Shaar Aveilei Tzion ViYerushalayim.
    [Levaya: Chevra Kaddisha 2pm Sydney Monday, 15th Tevet 5768: 24th December 2007]

  • 67. Horwitz family, sydney wrote:

    We want to wish the family a long life and say how sorry we are. Rochel was my son’s preschool teacher in 2006. Zev and Rochel were always so happy and always had a smile on their face when you passed them at school.May hashem give the family the strength to help them through this tragedy.


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