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Lubavitcher Girl Killed in Car Crash, Another Critically Injured

The scene of the fatal accident this morning.

PLEASE SAY TEHILLIM FOR Meital Marcel bas Bellah

A car with three Lubavitcher girls was involved in a terrible accident in South Carolina on the U.S. 501 in Horry County early this morning. The Sun News reported that Toby Eagle, 20, of Baltimore, MD was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and that another of the passengers Meital Marcel Chabusha, of Brooklyn, NY was ejected from the vehicle and is listed in critical condition, a third passenger was not injured. will continue to follow this tragic story and post more information as it becomes available.


  • 2. Boruch ben Tzvi haKohaine Hoffinger wrote:

    Speedy recovery.
    I feel awful. My daughters were very friendly with her mishpacha.

  • 4. chrup! wrote:

    boruch dayen ha’emes

    Hamokom Yenachem eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim

    This needs to STOP NOW!! please g’d please!

  • 6. Shocked wrote:

    Terrible…so shocked. Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

    refuah Shleima to Meital.

  • 7. former teacher wrote:

    Please, please give tzedaka in Meital’s zchus , say tehilim for her and have a misheberach made for her. Her kapitel is 16. She is an unbelievably special girl who loves life and we must demand from the Aibershter that she have a refuah shlaima!

  • 8. Terrible News wrote:

    OMG its crazy!!!

    Were they there ojn Shlichus in a day camp?

    Such horrible news, can’t even believe it!

    No words, simply no more words.

  • 9. A Sad Parent wrote:

    Hashem Yerachem, we need Moshiach!

    Stop taking our CHILDREN from us!

  • 10. a friend wrote:

    ad mosai?
    we’ll miss you Toby.
    and a refuah shelaima to Meital.

  • 11. Shira wrote:

    Toby you should watch over us wherever ever you are. And Moshiach should come speedily without delay.

  • 12. A counselor-s mother wrote:

    Maybe camps should check their mezuzas AND their cars!

    This is the third such accident this summer involving girls. Their was another one, I think in the same area, and my daughter was in a relatively minor one in the Northeast. All with girl counselors in camp…

    My heart goes out to the family and refual shleima to injured girl.

  • 13. Bochur from the Baltimore Lubavitcher Ye wrote:

    Boruch Dayen Emes

    Hamokom Yenachem eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim

  • 14. Friend/Family wrote:

    Please,please, everyone say Tehillim for Maytal!!! She’s in critical condition and really needs all of our players. Please say a perek for her speedy recovery.

  • 15. Neighbor and Good Friend wrote:

    please e/o say tehillim for Maytal Marsel bas Bella…it is the only thing thta we can do in such a situation. I am very close to the family and they are torn apart! Hashem has his plans…so let us do what he wants and that is to daven and beg him for only good things.

  • 16. someone wrote:

    everyone please say tehillem for mital she is such a special girl!! perek 16

  • 17. Bochur on Merkos Shlichus wrote:

    Adding to “A counselor-s mother wrote”, my partner and I were also in an accident this year while on Merkos Shlichus-BH no one was hurt, and that’s because we were wearing seat belts. Without those, there would have been a big article on this website, with similar comments.

  • 18. Wainer Family wrote:

    Boruch Dayen Emes

    Hamokom Yenachem eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim

    There is nothing else we can.

  • 19. Toby wrote:

    Toby had such a special neshama. But now she has been taken suddenly from this world. She was my daughter’s friend. My husband & I immediately said tehillim upon hearing the news.

  • 20. Shaina-s mom wrote:

    What a young!! Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

    Refuah Shleima to you, Meital, may your feisty personality help you in your recovery, while the rest of us say Tehillim.

  • 22. Shifra wrote:

    Toby was a radiant human being. Talented in everything. Beautiful outside, but more beautiful inside. Full of love. Open-hearted and generous. A shining star.

    She taught my daughter to drive, to paddle a canoe, to learn Tanya. In school she used to practice her violin in the closet. She was good at everything, physical and spiritual – but without gaivah – loved life, loved people, wanted to give all the time. Lichtig in every way. What a loss. Too many losses. It’s time to end it. It may be that the golus gives Hashem some kind of pleasure – but enough is way more than enough. If there’s something we have to do to get out of this darkness, may we see it and do it – now.

  • 23. crown heightser down south wrote:

    I cried when I heard this bad news this morning I might go visit her on shabbos chanys father and meitals mother and sister came down here I really do hope meital has an extra special refuah sheleima

  • 24. inspired by Toby wrote:

    Today, my friend said “good heavens!” and I know why she said that, because Toby is there. If Toby wasn’t there, she would have said “sad heavens”. Please Toby, daven for us down here and watch over us! We need the revalation of moshiach more then anything now. Please take out time to say tehillim for Meital, and somebody should probably post when it won’t be needed any more, which should be really soon.


  • 25. Yakov Borensztejn wrote:

    Y.Borensztejn. BORUCH DAYEN EMES Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Beshoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalaim…

  • 26. Esther wrote:

    So sad. She was such a special person.



    She will be missed.

  • 27. Nechama Dina wrote:

    Oh, Toby.

    I can’t believe it.

    Such a special girl. I can still see her smile and hear her cheerful, matter-of-fact voice.

    Why did this have to happen to such a wonderful girl, such a good mishpacha? Hamakom yenachem eschem besoch shaar aveilei Tzion v’Yerushalayim.

    Somehow, it makes no sense, but Boruch Dayan Ha’emes.

    Toby is surely learning with great geshmak and playing beautiful niggunim in Gan Eden.

    But we will sorely, sorely miss her.

  • 28. We love you Chanie, Meital and Toby wrote:

    We love you Chanie and Meital! Hashem kept you alive so you can continue to do more of the amazing good you already do in this world.
    We will all miss Toby.
    Hamakom yenachem eschem mitoch shaar aveilay tziyon v’yerushalayim.

  • 29. greenfire wrote:

    how sad for everyone … please please drive careful … may Hashem watch over all of you – a refuah for meital – hugs to chanie … and an aliyah neshama for poor toby

  • 30. brhs wrote:

    this is beyond words! toby was soo special!always cheerful and helping e/o.
    hashem, when will this end?!stop!!!!toby,please beg hashem to bring moshiach this secound!i miss you toby!hashem hhhhhhhheeeeelllllllpppppppp!

  • 31. Chayale wrote:

    Baruch Dayan HaEmes, i dont really know you Toby but i have friends that do, and its almost like i feel their pain. Hashem only takes the people who’s mission has already been accomplished in this world, it is ratheradmirable that youre only twenty and you accomplished so much. You left this world in the form of a Tzaddekes Gamur.
    May you be a Meylitz Yosher for all of us!!

  • 32. a classmate wrote:

    Toby inspired so many!!!And i know that her beautiful personality that exuded love for people and yiddishkeit continues to inspire us, MOSHIACH NOW!

  • 33. Former Schoolmate wrote:

    I can’t believe it. I can’t believe Toby is no longer. Such an innocent, young and beautiful soul, it was wrong to end it in such a way. God, we’re just sick of all this pain. AD MOSSAI????

  • 34. best friend wrote:

    i didnt know toby but mital is one of my closest friends everyone has to be saying as much tehillim as u can!! as they say “ if u knew the power of tehillim u would never stop ssaying it!!” plz im begging u!!!

  • 35. Rabbi Shea Hecht wrote:

    When something like this happens it affects our whole community. We must all reflect, daaven, increase our good deeds and pray for the coming of Moshiach.

  • 36. ad mosai wrote:

    terible terible news my heart goes out to the families please please everyone please have little more ahavos yisroel how much more does klala yisroel have to suffer like the rebbe says little act of goodness and kindness brings moshiach enough is enough ad mosai hashem please give a speedy recovery to chabusha and toby hashem and his malachim should take care of you bring you close to him please please daven ask hahsem for moshiach please help us bring him ad mosai enough is enough there should be more ahavos yisroel in this world to much sinas chinem

  • 37. Zev on shuliches in Sydney, Australia wrote:

    Toby- I have not spoken to you for 4 months & a bit, you were my sister, why does this have to happen to us the Jewish people, I thought that I was going to see you in a month & then we would of caught up a bit, well every body thees things happen for a reason, just increase in great deeds & drive safely. Thous that have not checked there tifilon in a long time please check them, & thous people that haven’t checked there mizusas in a long time check them too. this is what I ask from all the Jews around the world, I will be in Baltimore, MD. To help my family after what just happened on Friday morning in America, which doe to that I am in Sydney, Australia, it was shabbus for me when this incident happened, so I haven’t spoken to any body in my family yet or any body else in Baltimore about what happened etc. Every body this is going to be alright g-d willing. I know this is hard for all of us people to face but this is something for all of us to take the time to change some thing good in our lives, Moshiach has to come right now. pleas g-d. We will miss you very much Toby.

  • 38. rachamonoh d-otzlon wrote:

    What a devastating loss for her family and all of klal yisroel.

    Please G-d may we all also learn from this event, and WEAR SEATBELTS. The driver was surely belted in, as she was not injured.
    Please, everyone, buckle up. HKBH does not bail us out indefinitely.

  • 39. A friend of Mital-s wrote:


  • 41. Rivky Hoffman wrote:

    I wish you a complete a refuah sheleima for Meital and hope she has a speady recovery.

    To Toby’s family I wish you all long life.

    I hope Chanie is ok.

  • 42. Marlene Green wrote:

    My beloved Toby, a grieving grandmother writes to share her pain. You were the light of my life and that of your whole family– the Eagles, Greens, Jacobs, Cardos, Silvermans, Medjucks, many more. You were like a shining star that burned so brightly it radiated all that came in contact. Your sweet, loving ways, your intelligence, your gift with the violin, your desire to do medical research, your goodness as a daughter, sister, grandaughter, niece, cousin, will be missed in ways that words cannot express.

    Darling, Toby, I write this with tears in my heart.

    Your loving Grammy Marlene

  • 43. EX-BRHS STUDETN!!!!! wrote:


  • 44. A friend wrote:

    I love you Toby.
    i can never thank you enough for everything you’ve given and done for me.
    You will always have a special place in my heart!!!!
    To Toby’s family,
    Hamakom yenachem eschem mitoch shaar aveilay tziyon v’yerushalayim.

  • 45. Toby,we know you are still with us wrote:

    This letter is filled with tears. There was a young boy with a genetic disies, who lost all 3 of his siblings due to the illness and had no father in the picture. When he was asked how he went on in life, he always said, “we must remember to play after the storm.” Right before his own death in 2004, he told his mother to remember to play after the storm- to take something on to remember him, and continue on in life with lessons from the storm. We should all take something on for Toby, and learn from her. Toby, we know you are still with us, we feel you, please, daven for us, daven for klal yisroel!
    Please do not forget to say tehillim for Meital. We all feel for you

  • 46. Friend wrote:

    Dear Toby,

    I know you are smiling, because you always smile.

    I know you are happy, because you
    are always full of joy.

    We will always mourn the loss of such a beautiful, intelligent, and kind young woman; you were bound to find the cure to cancer.

    By everyone who knew you, you will be sorely missed. We will always carry a part of you in our hearts, every time we do something kind or smile.

  • 47. Please.... wrote:

    Usually, people who do not know the people effected would just read these comments with minimal feeling, if any. Please if you don’t know Toby or Meital personally, just know that they are amazing people. Toby IS a wonderful “doer”, somebody who puts everything they got into what she does. She adds light and simcha into the world in every action that she does. Meital, although i do not know her personally, sounds to be an amazing young girl who loves life. Please feel for these people and their families. Cry for them. Do something. Make it impact your life, and change it for the better. Please don’t just read these comments with no heart. Remember- you were also young once. You have loved ones. And just imagine…

  • 48. Sholom Ber Shuchat wrote:

    To the family, especially to my students Zev and Ari!

    Hamakom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Shear Evley Tzion VeYerushalayim.

    Hopefully by the time I will reach Baltimore Moshiach will be coming and we will rejoice.

  • 49. former roommate wrote:

    Toby, we miss you…

    you were too young to be taken away from this world that you loved so much.

    and the living should take to heart… please, don’t ever drive unless everyone in the car is seatbelted in. and just as importantly, don’t drive if you’re tired – it’s such a dangerous risk that’s simply not worth it…

    at least toby is at peace now… and we, left here on this earth with jobs yet unfulfilled, should take it to heart…

  • 50. Machon Chana wrote:

    To Yehudis and her family

    May the Ribono Shel Olam give you strength
    and nachas.

    HaHaMakom Yeachem Eschem Bitoch Shaarei Zion VeYerushalayim.

  • 51. To ZEV - Toby-s brother wrote:

    IF Zev is really your brother, then you have a really special family. Zev, you really inspired me with your soft words of courage and faith. I’m very impressed

    I just bless you that you have the emotional energy to deal with this situation, and have such an amazing attitude throughout the entire time, until Toby will be reunited with your family again.

  • 52. Bloom Family Sydney wrote:

    Our thoughts are with the Eagle family.
    Zev was by us Shabbos and we all had such a beutiful shabbos- divrei torah, niggunim etc. After Shabbos when we heard the tragic news we were devastated for him.
    May Meital have a refuah Shlaima.

  • 53. RK wrote:

    My Dear Toby, you were a special soul, and everyone knew that, even pple like me who never actually met you. Your facebook profile shows how spiritual you were, how much you loved learning tanya and connected with niggunim only special neshama’s like you can. You quoted from the Rebbe: “I have done everything I can to bring Moshiach, now I am handing over to you (the mission); do everything you can to bring Moshiach!”
    Wow, Toby, you are powerful. May your neshama have an aliya, and pray for all of klal yisroel the comming of Moshiach NOW! Amen!

  • 54. chaya klein wrote:

    I’m So sorry for you loss.
    i also lost my daughter, this past Feb.
    She was 26 years old.
    I know your pain.
    I’m so sorry.
    Chaya Klein
    Crown heights

  • 55. Dave W wrote:

    My heart goes to the families (all 3). But part of me is screaming inside, “SEATBELTS!!!”

  • 56. family friend wrote:


  • 57. grieving/shocked/stunned wrote:

    everyone is crying, even the heavan,s, its not real toby that you’re gone, too many people are crying, i buirst out sobbing when i read it, it wasn’t real, people that die in car accidents are otherpeople, not girls like you, toby, you’ll never be forgotten, ever, !!!

  • 58. levi t. bucher in bmore yeshiva wrote:

    “ad mosai” till when will it take for moschiach to come…
    to the eagle family… hamokoim yeakeim eschem besoch shaar uvolei tziyoin…. may you be comferted amogst the morners of zion…


    mital as we are reading this we cant believe that this is about you. our mitalchke youre our fun of the dorm and aint no mountain gonna stop you from getting better were all here waiting and saying tehillim for you. were all thinking about you, missing you, loving you and waiting for you to come home. we love you so much, we cant wait till you come home so you can wake up at seven in the morning because you hear us coming home or leaving to go to mountain creek(lol) WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH MWAAZ.

  • 60. KALMAN BROUDO wrote:


  • 61. Bitachon! wrote:

    This is a tragic, tragic story.

    But we need to make something clear: IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SEATBELTS.

    Hashem wanted to take Toby A“H away from us. We do not understand why.

    We all jump on ”she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt“ because we are afraid of something like this R”L happening to us. So we think that wearing seatbelts will protect us.

    IT’S NOT TRUE. If Hashem wants to take someone back to Shomayim, He will do so. If He wants it to be through a tragedy, it will happen through a tragic event. Seatbelt or no seatbelt.

    Yes, we need to buckle up. “Venishmartem me’od.” But it’s not a guarantee that nothing will happen! Hashem is in charge.

    Bitachon, davening, mitzvos, and Ahavas Yisroel are the only ways we can make any difference.

    If we are getting too fixated on the seatbelt issue, we are missing the point! This tragedy may be a wakeup call to us– and it’s not Hashem reminding us to wear seatbelts.

    IY”H the increase in Torah and mitzvos in the aftermath of this tragedy will ensure that Toby’s time away from us is brief, and she will rejoin us with all the rest of those in Shomayim with Moshiach NOW!

  • 62. rooomate wrote:

    Toby!!!!!!! i keep looking for you but im alone if yur here with me why dont i feel it?????

  • 63. sbg wrote:

    wow there are just no words..i didnt know Toby too well but what little i did know of her . she was truly a beautiful person inside and out,im sorry i wish i knew her better ,the world def lost someone unique and special. may the tragedies like this never happen again… please pple buckle up even if u think its nerdy or stupid..its not it will save uer life. may mashiach come NOW! we need it more than ever and besides i hate crying…

  • 64. G-d please have Mercy on theEagle family wrote:

    I dont know Toby or anybody else, but I read the comments and all I could do was cry, to the Parents of Toby, your daughter was obviously so very special look at the people she has affected world wide. I feel deeply for your pain and wish you only the best in my prayers. May G-d grant you the power to continue and may your daughters special soul be elevated closer to G-d as a result of all of our actions. The pain will subside, but the memories will last forever, Toby will live in your hearts and the hearts of all the people she touched, and her memory will continue to have people act on her behalf.
    May you and your family be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion, and may your family see no tragedy again.

  • 65. Hamokom yenachem eschem...... wrote:

    Please everyone be careful when you write comments! This is a pain that no one can ever truely feel or understand aside for the actuall family. Please do not say that it was the seatbelts that caused the tragedy. It was HaShem who wanted her precious neshama back! Whether she was wearing a seatbelt or not, Hashem would have taken her!

    May Hashem give her faamily the strength that they need to deal with this tragedy until Moshiach comes! Let us all take on something extra in the merit of her precious neshama and say as much tehillim as we can so that meital has a complete recovery!! Moshiach Now!!!!!!!!!!

  • 66. Mourning and Concerned wrote:

    To Bitachon:

    After the tragedy in Eretz Yisroel, when all those little children were killed, the Rebbe made a point of making sure everyone checked their teffillin and mezuzos. People asked “why check them, if everything happens from Hashem, and He decided to take them back?” The Rebbe answered, and I can’t qoute verbatim, that when a soldier dies on the battlefield, you still ask if he was wearing a helmet….

    We need to take this opportunity to stress the importance of driving carefully and safely, and buckling up every time, no matter how long the trip. We take these things for granted on a regular basis. Unfortunately, we have received a wake-up call.

  • 68. best friend wrote:

    her name was changed Orah mital bas bella!!! she rly rly needs everyones help plz im begging of u!!!!!!

  • 69. Rochomo d-onei wrote:

    Toby was not taken from this world because she deserved it, chas v’shalom. Or because her family deserved it – they are wonderful, wonderful people who deserve only brachos and simchas.

    Sometimes Hashem does something to tell us all to do teshuva. But sometimes Hashem lets things happen because we don’t take proper care of ourselves. I don’t think Toby was killed because she deserved it.

    I come from a family where we lost a child in a completely avoidable safety accident. I can relate to this story on the most personal level. The fact remains: Hashem commands us to take care of ourselves. And yes, that include seatbelts and helmets and basic safety precautions.

    So by all means, we learn, and do mitzvos, and say tehillim. We must also show basic respect for the fact that Hashem made a world where if we choose to do something very dangerous, Hashem may let the natural world run its course, no matter how superb our middos and emunah.

  • 70. Yitzchak S. wrote:

    I remember when Toby A”H was born – her birth was one of the first simchas in what was then a small and new Chabad House community in Manhattan where her parents and I both lived at the time. May we celebrate the greatest simcha of all, when Toby returns to us, neshomo beguf, with the coming of Moshiach NOW!

  • 71. A Girl Inspired by Toby wrote:

    I met Toby only once. She was so sweet. She just sat down and talked with me and my friends for two hours. Her smile lit up the room, her dreams and goals seemed like a reality, her violin-melodious-rocked my world. I cannot believe she is gone. Such a wonderful girl, I don’t know a soul who didn’t like her immediately. Such a sincere sweet girl with such bitachon and power. I will miss Toby dearly. May the Eagle family handle this tragedy with bitachon and may we merit to the revalation of Moshiach NOW! A refuah sheleima to Meital-I am constantly saying Tehillim for her. And I hope Hashem gives much much strength to Chani and help her cope with this nightmare. Tears-Prayers-Hope

  • 72. RBCA wrote:

    dena- we’re with you! stay strong!
    Moshiach now!

  • 73. Miss Gurba wrote:

    Ora Meital, I know you are going to get through this. You are so full of life, love, and compassion. I can already see your face lighting up the halls of Bais Rivkah and making so many of us, teachers and students alike, laugh and laugh. You are such a beautiful neshoma and I just know you will get through this. Iy’h, you and all of my former 9th graders will dance with me at my chasuna.

    much, much love,
    your former English teacher Miss Gurba

  • 74. friend wrote:

    please say tehillem for orah mital marcel bat bella capital 16 she is in critical condition
    thank you,a friend

  • 75. friend wrote:

    please say tehillim and take hachlatos in mital’s merit…mital please get better soon and we all love you sooo sooo much!!!

  • 76. friend wrote:

    i know mital pretty well not very close to her..but all i can say is shes the sweetest girl ive met!!!
    mital im sure you will get through this…
    i love you tonz!!

  • 77. best friend wrote:

    i know everyone has been saying tehillim but i beg of u from the depths of my heart to spread her name like wild fire even to the ppl u think arnt ‘exceptable’ for it pleazee!!!!!!! we need her laughter and smile to lighten up each one of our lives!! may we, this generation be merited in the coming of moshiach!!! Orah mital bas bella!!! plz!!!! and yisroel bas basya also needs everyones help for a miracle!! my heart goes to all of u!

  • 79. Shulman family in NJ wrote:

    Toby was a special friend to our special needs son, Stephen at camp last year. She brought such joy and pleasure into his life that week and we will never forget her beautiful smile and sweet personality. May you find strength in your memories.

  • 80. Mendy Cohen wrote:

    i was just on merkos shlichus in germanny and drove 3700km in 16 days
    there are no speed limits there, i had a chitas in the car and a pushka, before every long journey i put something in the pushkah, i also had a mezuzah in the car (the rebbe spoke about it)plus a bochur (or girl) if they must drive by night the rebbe said should stop every hour, this advice was given to us for our saftey everyone USE it.
    my heart goes out to the eagle family,
    may we all be together again with moshiach NOW. (Ari may you only know of happy things in the future)

  • 81. SNL 5677 wrote:

    there is only so much i can put into words about this abnormal, shocking situation, but meital and family, i just wanted to say that SNL is here with you we are saying tehillim non-stop and we all believe that maital will be with us on every motzie shabbos this year flashing her beautiful smile and spreading her contagios luaghter and love to every one of us, Meital we all love you soooo much and are with you every second in our hearts may the merit of your incredible kindness and pure consant joy bring your immedaite recovery and geula right now!!!! M.W., the whol SNL is with you and praying for your brothers we love you and know it will be ok, with never ending love, SNL 5677

  • 82. lazaroff family wrote:

    I still replay in my head the call we got frieday morning to go right over to the Eagle house because something bad happened. I have been friends with toby since she was 10. she was such an amazing person. Always with a smile always happy, She was the second mother in her house to all her siblings.I cant say enough good things about her. The last time i saw her was a month ago. I did her makeup for a wedding, she looked so beautiful. Thats the last time i saw her and thats the face i have in my mind. I just keep replaying in my mind everything we did togther growing up. We use to have so much fun togther.To the Eagle family, Toby would want you to have strength ,today at her funeral was the saidest thing I ever experience to see all of you in so much pain. Hashem should give you all the strength you need.

  • 83. Inbal-Mor Batyonathan a grieved friend wrote:

    Toby, words fail. I just can’t believe you are gone. It felt like yesterday I had just seen you at peabody and we were talking about getting together and now you are no longer with us. You were one of the sweetest girls I met, considerate and kind to everyone. You carried a light inside of you, so beautiful and full of warmth. Your music always carried your feelngs to those who listened. You were talented, smart and always very sensitive to other people. You were one of the first girls I met when I came from Israel to the US. I was shy and afraid of meeting al these new people but you instantly befriended me and made me feel at home with everyone around me, always making sure no one was left out. You will be sorely missed. Just thinking of how such a beautifull girl was taken from this earth makes me want to cry. I will miss playing music together with you. But, wherever you are, I am sure, right now, you are smiling, looking down at us and seeing all the people who love you and miss you, who are praying for you. No matter what, I am sure you are in Eden, continuing to play your beautiful music and spreading your kindness and the light in your soul to all of us on earth. To Toby’s family, I would like to extend from my family our deepest most heartfelt regret for their tragedy and that we share in their sorrow. may you pull through. I will keep them and Toby in my thoughts and prayers. Toby will always be with you, in your memory and in your hearts.

  • 84. Olga Grant wrote:

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. HNCR Lab-Johns Hopkins University.

  • 85. chanie wrote:

    mital will get better if everyone believes she will! i know she will get better!! everyone loves her so much she needs to come back to us so she will please everyone believe in that!

  • 86. friend in baltimore wrote:

    To the bochurim who are using this time to give advice about driving, please understand, this is the wrong way to go about things. Please dont turn a tragedy into a seatbelt campaign or other hora’ah’s. when an accident happens it’s not necessarily because they were not doing all of those precautionary things.
    do not either assume seatbelts were not worn. I just found out that toby had been wearing a seatbelt. jumping to conclusions in order to understand or explain a tragedy is the wrong thing to do. in a tragedy there is enough pain without all the pointing fingers.
    thank you.

  • 87. student from camp wrote:

    Toby you were 1 of the counclers when I was in camp and I miss you a lot! I heard that you came to camp just to see Ben Shammah, and now you went to see his mother. I really miss you! And I hope meital will have a big refuah shlema! And that Chani will also be ok! I love you a lot!

  • 88. a friend wrote:

    mital i met u once and i have to say u are a sweetheart ..i kno youll make it ..i jst beg everyone to pray for her and say tehillim ..i luvvvvvvvvvvv u tonzzzz!

  • 89. a friend wrote:

    toby please daven for all of us
    we miss u tonz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mital shouldhave a really quick recovery
    and noting like this should ever happen again!

    we misssssssssss u TONZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ TOBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 90. My Only Roomate! wrote:

    I went to camp with her twice but we were just friends. Then we became roommates and for a year we cared for each other like sisters. Like many of you-I know Toby, like some of you-I really know her!! She is Unique, a rare find, but of all good. Everything she does is with a true heart and with accomplishments. She dreamed of finding a cure for cancer, she livened our farbrengens with her passion on the violin, spent her free time learning Chassidus, and constantly thought of her next jump to make. Toby has accomplished in her 20 years what may take others a lifetime to accomplish. With this we should take a lesson for our life and accomplish all that we can to bring Mashiach and reunite with Toby!!!!

  • 91. Sandy Besas and Kristen Seymour wrote:

    Toby was special in every way. She brought joy, love, and, with her gifted teaching, improved each life she touched.

    A part of Toby will be within each of us upon whom she smiled.

    Our sincere condolences to Zalman, Yehudis and their family.

  • 92. Sarah wrote:

    Toby we love and miss you so much here, but I guess God missed you more. What you brought to this world will live on forever. Love forever!

  • 93. A Friend From Glasgow wrote:

    Toby was one of my councillers at camp in scotland last year. She was one of the nicest and kindest people i have ever met and put a smile on everyones faces.
    I will always remember her.

  • 94. Kathleen Hermann wrote:

    Remembering Toby: I most remember Toby through her mother’s loving eyes. Yehudis expresses so much love, whether in a quick assuring glance or in focused attention. Toby shares that loving attentiveness and alertness with her mom. Toby’s beauty, grace and love are so characteristic of the entire Eagle family, each member expressing their gifts and talents in their own unique, beautiful way. I remember Toby communicating so well with her family. I can picture Toby swooping up one of the young ones, and then seeing her sun-shining spirit reflected in the little one. I remember Toby asking her mom if there was anything she needed her to do, and then Toby did it without complaining – such a blessing. Toby was a friend to people of all ages, and I can imagine like myself with an almost 40-year age difference, many people of all ages also regard their friendship with Toby a blessing. I remember watching Toby select the perfect apple and prepare food for her family – her every action a prayer. I will always love her vitality, joy and grace. I will always love the way Toby interacted so graciously with all living things, be it person or animal or plant. I feel so grateful to have had a glimpse of such a beautiful spirit. How we will miss her with heartache; how we will remember her with love.

  • 95. Arthur C. Hurwitz wrote:

    When typing Zalman Dovid’s name into the search engine, I was not expecting to find this. I truly am in shock! Zikrona le-vrakha.

  • 96. avi wrote:

    Prayer for injured girl:
    Our Father in Heaven – please be filled with mercy for Your beloved child so frail and hurt
    Orah Meital Bas Bellah along with her beloved parents and family
    Our mouths cannot possibly express the pain and terror
    Gripping the depths of our hearts, trembling with fear over her fate
    We come before You in prayer, with our souls in such distress
    Wishing to throw our entire selves before Your Heavenly Throne
    Help us, through our Tefillos and words of Eternal Tehillim
    To pour out our souls, offering to You as a Kurban our tears and torn hearts
    Please lovingly count and accept each word of our Tefillos on behalf of Orah Meital Bas Bellah
    While we stand before You as paupers at the door anxiously craving Your salvation
    Enable our pleas to pierce the Heavens and reach Your Throne of Mercy
    For with You lies our hopes and Your salvation knows no bounds
    Our Father and King – please send a Refuah Sheleimah to Orah Meital Bas Bellah
    Watch over her and embrace her with Your loving and miraculous care
    Shine unto her Your countenance and kindness so that her healing will be complete
    Who is like You? All the glorious wonders of the world are Your daily deeds
    Oh Hashem – All Powerful One – nothing is too difficult for You
    Please do not hold back Your healing powers from Orah Meital Bas Bellah
    Help her and her family arise from this fearsome crisis more strong and complete than ever
    Please let Simcha – upon Your speedy salvation – replace the pain so deep in our hearts
    And may we all praise Your loving kindness with everlasting joy

  • 97. a friend wrote:

    we luv u mital and were all so sure ur gonna get better but in the meantime we miss u so much so please fight it out and come back quickly.

  • 98. Zalman Dovid Eagle wrote:

    Thank you all for the beautiful words. The main thing now is to daven for Orah Meital. I’m not sure what compels me to write the following because I agree with "Bitachon" above, but I also see that it’s human nature to be curious about the facts. I have learned that Toby A"H was wearing a seatbelt at the time. Many initial reports were wrong and we should continue to reserve judgment on everything except how to better ourselves.

  • 99. Moshe Weidenfeld wrote:

    Zalman Dovid, Yehudis and the entire Eagle family,
    As the time of sloshim for Toby A"H approaches along with Rosh Hashanah close behind please know that you are in our hearts, thoughts and tefillot. May HaKodeshBoruchu continue to bring you comfort, strength and good health in the coming year.We love you and we will be in touch. Moshe, Shanee and the boys.

  • 100. Cousin wrote:

    Toby, you’ve always been unbelieveable, and knowing you has made me shape the sister and friend I am. I love you.


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