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Yet Another Accident on Empire and Troy

Crown Heights, Brooklyn –- The intersection Empire Boulevard and Troy Avenue in Crown Heights has seen a lot of accidents in the last two years. We have recorded over 15 accidents, all of which had injured passengers and/or pedestrians (L”A) and significant damage sustained to the vehicles involved.

Today another incident took place; an accident between a Minivan which attempted to make a left turn from Empire onto Troy and was struck by an ambulette van who was going straight on Empire. The minivan had a driver and four passengers onboard and was struck in the passenger side door and sliding door. The impact caused the Minivan to come to rest on the sidewalk. BH there were no pedestrians hit.

More pictures in the Extended Article.

The driver of the ambulette originally refused medical attention but later began complaining of back and neck pains, and the one passenger onboard complained of various pains ranging from her hips to her neck.

Hatzalah and FDNY EMS responded and treated the patients with assistance from Shomrim members who were on scene. During this incident there was another serious call that Hatzalah was handling and required two additional ambulances which came from the Williamsburg division and an ambulance that is on loan to the Crown Heights division in wake of the accident involving CH-1.

All the patients were transported to Kings County Hospital with moderate injuries non serious. They were taken to the hospital for further checkups and observation.


  • 1. Hannah Lieberman wrote:

    I propse that this horrific accident around the Empire Blvd vicinity as well as numerous others will encourage the Crown Heights Community residents and Council to draft a letter to the City of New York. It is imperative that signitures also include those who hold political positions in the district, therebye requesting changes in trafic laws.
    Considering that there is a public school and Yeshivas’ around the area, perhaps speed bumps strategically placed along Empire and Troy may slow the dangerous, speeding trafic. Enforced speed limits of no more than 35 mph along with surveliance cameras, in addition to implementing additional trafic lights for left and right hand turns only.

    Yashar koach to all those who were at the scene. My heartfelt prayers to the family of the accidet and may we look forward to a safer Crown Heights.
    Hannah Lieberman

  • 4. an idea wrote:

    besides speed bumps, how about extra “turning” traffic lights. that will limit when u can turn from empire on to troy. like what they put up on eastern parkway and brooklyn.

  • 6. Slow down. wrote:

    Minivan had yidden in it? Ambulette not?Maybe there should be a left turn arrow at that corner. Too much speeding on Empire Blvd. in that area because traffic is usually relatively light. Speed bumps won’t work because it is a truck route and they are probably not allowed there.

  • 7. Skeptic wrote:

    Mrs.(?) Lieberman has the right idea. One problem…she assumes the CHJCC CARES about us, & ergo, they will do something about this untenable situation. They will…if one of THEIR families is hurt.

    BTW, WHAT accident involving CH1 ambulance??

  • 9. was there wrote:

    to slow down:

    i was there, the minivan was all jewish girls and the ambulette had goyim.

  • 10. construgtive suggestion wrote:

    I think a speed bump on such a bg and busy street might actually cause even more accidents. what could help is if they put a turning light signal there so that cars will have their chance to make the turn in safety without having to try to catch the light.

  • 11. no more accidents! wrote:

    smart idea the turning light signal, though ppl. instead of just writing your good ideas here call up 311 or whoever you call, and put your ideas into action!

  • 12. Seichel wrote:

    You cannot put turning signals on empire, for you need a turning lane for that otherwise you only have one lane!
    Also speed bumps you cannot place, for that slows down emergency response time and harasses everyone that lives there.
    You need to change the light frequency, so that they don’t speed through all the lights.


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