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Worker Trapped After Fall at Construction Site

A construction worker suffered injuries after falling into a hole at a construction site on Carroll Street.


Fire fighters rescued a worker who fell into a hole at a construction site on Carroll Street on Wednesday morning.

The worker fell from a height of at least 10 feet became trapped in a shaft and suffered broken bones, requiring rescue operations to remove him from the hole.

Once removed and stabilized Hatzalah took him to Kings County Hospital where he was treated for multiple broken bones and fractures. His injuries are not considered life threatening and is expected to recover.


  • 2. DaasTorah wrote:

    Why in the world do they have the patient on a backboard while on the stretcher? If they are trying to harm their patient they are surely succeeding!

    • 3. Monday morning quarterback wrote:

      If you weren’t there you don’t know the circumstances so why are you judging? Especially when you have no idea what you’re talking about, he’s not on a backboard while on the stretcher.

  • 4. wr32 wrote:

    arent there regulations of wearing safety equipment to prevent this?


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