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The Rebbes Car Involved in an Accident

Earlier today at around 11:45am there was an accident involving the Rebbes car. The incident took place in the intersection of Troy and Carroll, the Cadillac was driving up Troy Ave when a dark gray 15 passenger van, driven by another Yid, ran a red light and was hit by the Cadillac.

More pictures in the Extended Article.

The van knocked down an emergency 911 ‘call box’ that was on the corner as it lost control and ended up on the sidewalk and the Cadillac rear ended a parked van on Carroll. Both vehicles sustained significant damage but B”H there were no injuries.

The driver of the Cadillac told that “he was heading up Troy Avenue when the van suddenly ran the light and he didn’t have enough time to stop” while the other driver told that he indeed did run the light.

The Rebbes car was taken to ‘Everything Automotive’ [a advertiser] where it was always serviced. They do intend to repair it.


  • 1. T Yaffee wrote:

    Attention all drivers coming up Troy avenue between Crown and Carroll Streets:
    Coming up Troy–2 traffic lights are visible–the traffic light at Carroll and the traffic light at President. It can appear that the traffic light at Prsident Street (which remains green when the light at Carroll has already changed to red) is the light to be obeyed by the driver. This optical difficulty can cause just such an accident. Plesase be careful.

    Incidently–the driver of the van (as verified by a witness) had the green light–hence had the right of way.

    May all Yidden be safe and gezunt!
    t yaffee

  • 3. rescue 2 k wrote:

    what no group picture of the crew from the fire truck. webby you getting slack

  • 5. Gruntig wrote:

    Wow! Amazing to still see the rebbes car.
    One Gimmel Tammuze a few years back i got a ride with Rabbi Kline from the Ohel in the rebbe’s car. I told Rabbi Kline “coming back from the Ohel, in a black Cadillac, with Rabbi Kline being the driver, quite scary!” to which he lightheartedly responded “why I’m not such a bad driver!”

  • 6. witness wrote:

    I witnesses the incident abd it was the caddilac who ran the red light not the van, as the article mentions.

  • 11. Optical difficulty wrote:

    T Yaffee wrote:“This optical difficulty can cause just such an accident.”
    I live on that block and I pass that intersection 5 times a day, and I was there by the accident erev pesach (…)and then the infinity speeding on carroll ran the light. so I’m not sure what your whole optical ilusion theory is…

    The point is people should just drive more carefully.

  • 12. witness 2 wrote:

    webby please correct the article, it was the caddy which skipped the red…


    in response to crown heigtser, who asked what is wrong with that corner, the same thing that is wrong with every other corner and street where people drive recklessly

  • 15. car aficionado wrote:

    to chaim
    Chaim wrote:
    Which car is the Rebbe going to use now?

    i belive that everything automotive has a loaner car that they give to customer’s while their cars are in the repair shop. its a white chevy impala. quiet a snazzzy vehicle, if i may say so myself!

  • 16. just a thought wrote:

    perhaps the Rebbe’s car should now remain in a garage somewhere and not run this risk. It would be a real shame if it couldn’t be fixed.
    It is a piece of our history.

  • 17. Bored on Empire wrote:

    MAybe it should also be a wake up call for all residents to wear seat belts, even if you are going around the block, I remember once reading that most car acidents happen within a very close radius of ones home

  • 18. curious wrote:

    maybe i’m just ignorant. but, why is the rebbe’s car being used?

  • 19. Kop Docktar wrote:

    To Chassidishe gneiva: If you try selling the car parts on ebay, I’ll get you towed!

  • 21. fan of rabbi klein wrote:

    to all who don’t know, let me make it clear: this car belongs to rabbi benyamin klien… he drove the rebbe in HIS car… he could drive it wherever and whenever he wants.. oh and “curious” why dont you give rabbi klien YOUR car so he can put the caddilac in a garage!


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