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Video: Delivery Scooter Going Wrong Way Hits Girl

A surveillance camera captured the terrifying moment when an electric scooter being driven in the wrong direction down a one way street in Borough Park hit a young Jewish girl who was trying to cross the street.


  • 1. 2 things wrote:

    This is awful but not surprising. the delivery guys drive without regard for pedestrians. I’ve nearly been knocked over numerous times myself.

  • 3. Scary wrote:

    Why aren’t these scooter drivers getting ticketed? They are driving a motor vehicle! Do we need to wait for someone to be killed ch”v?

  • 5. stay safe wrote:

    I feel for the girl but it does look to me like she’s crossing in middle of the street. The same happened to me once but ultimately i don’t blame anyone else but myself for crossing in middle of the street.
    Hope we all stay safe and healthy!

  • 6. Mother wrote:

    The guy in the scooter is definitely in the wrong but the lady (i assume it’s the mother) should’ve made sure the little girl is ok before yelling and screaming at the delivery guy, just my thoughts…

  • 9. bus driver wrote:

    how many times have these guy nearly hit kids coming on and going off my bus.
    these guys drive recklessly, I’ve nearly hit a few myself.

  • 10. it's a one-way street wrote:

    it’s a one-way street and she looked and waited for the cars to pass. I don’t think she did anything wrong.

  • 11. Lesson to Learn wrote:

    In driver’s ed class, I was taught to look BOTH ways before crossing the street, even if it is a one-way street. B”H, she wasn’t hurt. It doesn’t make a difference if someone has the right-of-way if he ends up injured. I was also wondering why the woman seemed more interested in yelling at the driver than making sure the girl was OK.

  • 12. aot2 wrote:

    among other issues mentioned above,
    I want to point out how helpful the surveillance camera was. They unfortunately help after the fact, but nevertheless, when needed at that point, they are very helpful.
    wishing all besuros tovos

  • 13. caution wrote:

    As a 5yr old I was taught to look in the direction of approaching traffic on your side of the street, look for traffic coming the other way and again for traffic coming your way. This is a prime rule for pedestrians
    and drivers.
    I chose not to watch the video as the description of the incident was enough.
    People: please stop posting everything that happens as though you were part of the press – respect privacy.

  • 14. Yossel wrote:

    They are NOT Asian, they are illegal Mexicans! They work for 50 cent an hour, senor, an’ o’ly in “cahsh!”


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