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Deliveryman Seriously Injured in Hit-&-Run Accident

A gruesome hit-and-run accident occurred this afternoon in Crown Heights, in which a delivery worker for a local Chinese restaurant was struck by a car and seriously injured.

The incident occurred at around 2:00pm at the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Troy Ave.

The delivery worker was riding a motorized bike when he was struck by the vehicle. The motorist then fled the scene, leaving the deliveryman lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

FDNY firefighters were the first to arrive at the scene. They administered first aid, and then rushed the victim to a local hospital. He is listed as in serious condition, and suffered the partial loss of one of his legs.

Police are searching for the responsible motorist.

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  • 1. terrible wrote:

    This is terrible, and the driver is going to be charged for leaving the scene of an accident.
    However, the delivery men drive without paying attention to ANY rules, and the drivers are put on the spot to read their minds
    I wonder if the driver had the right of way, and the delivery guy just barreled into traffic (has happened to me) BUT, now the driver will be in the wrong

  • 2. question wrote:

    were there any surveillance cameras in that area which may have caught it????

  • 3. sad to say but... wrote:

    Maybe now the cops will start cracking down on these vildeh chayos who pay no attention to traffic rules and regs.

  • 4. forgot to say wrote:

    bystanders were first on the scene and got the hemreging under controll

  • 5. SAW HIM! wrote:

    I saw the delivery guy speeding up troy eailier that morning. He was going faster than the traffic

  • 6. Eeeewww! wrote:

    Poor guy. Terrible accident. Those motorized bikes are a danger to the bikers and society, but still, so sorry for the victim.

  • 7. Tragic wrote:

    But these delivery guys on bikes need to be a bit more responsible. They ride on sidewalks, they ignore traffic lights, etc. I am not saying that this delivery person did these things, but they are definitely an accident waiting to happen.

  • 8. Josh wrote:

    I am sure it will sound insensitive, but after years of watching these delivery guys drive – ignoring traffic lights, driving opposite direction of traffic, driving on sidewalks – I am not surprised.

  • 9. swm wrote:

    its tragic. How is he now?
    truth is as #7 says. they ride like they are in a 3rd world country, zipping in and out and drivers have a hard time dealing with it.

  • 11. Mendal Fitzhume! wrote:

    Thank you to our wonderful F.D.N.Y. Firemen who respond so quickly regardless of the type of emergency and do such an amazing job! Best wishes that the injured person makes a full recovery!

  • 12. Q wrote:

    the delivery made a wrong move by switching from the bus lane into the lane of a speeding black chevy impala


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