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Child with Special Needs Hurt After Being hit by Car

A young girl with special needs was hurt after being struck by a car. Witnesses said the girl was just dropped off and the driver did not wait for the child to safely cross the street.

The incident occurred at around 2:15pm on President Street near Albany Avenue, the girl had just been dropped off on the opposite side of her family’s home and before she could safely cross the street the bus left.

The sound of a short stop and sickening thud immediately followed as the girl was struck by a passing minivan.

Witnesses said that the girl was dropped off only moments before and by the time anyone realized what happened the bus was gone and the child was lying on the ground screaming.

It is unclear what type of bus or van dropped the child off and none of the witnesses were able to say definitively which company was operating it.

“A child is a bus drivers responsibility until the child is in the hand of a parent or guardian” a veteran bus driver told, adding “it is unheard of to drop a child with special needs off on the wrong side of the street.”

Hatzalah responded and treated the victim, who thankfully did not suffer any life-threatening injuries, and later transported her to a local doctor.

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  • 1. Driver Too wrote:

    Isn’t it also the fault of the driver, who wasn’t careful to watch out for children after a school bus had stopped to let off a child, and hit her?

  • 5. Unemployed Noachide wrote:

    This is my biggest pet peeve, because I use to be a cop. The vehicles don’t drive themselves … yet. I’ll be glad the day that all the cars on the road are smarter than the people using them. And yes, the bus driver is suppose to help special needs children to and from their front door (at least that’s the law in this joke of a state that I live in), but that doesn’t deflect any blame away from the driver. If one should pray with kavanah, then one should drive with kavanah.

  • 6. I dont get it. wrote:

    What difference does it make that the girl is special needs? where is the privacy? you think the parents and siblings like this kind of publicity?
    ANY child dropped by a bus needs to be greeted by parents and/or the bus driver needs to wait to ensure he/she is safe across the street and in the parents/guardians/babysitter hands.

    • 7. Uhhhh wrote:

      Privacy? You can identify who the victim is based on this story or its pictures?!

      The fact that a bus/transport driver did this with a child that has special needs makes it 100 times worse.

      I commend CHI for the sensitivity in the way they put together this article; No pictures of the victim (as always), no specific address (which is also not apparent from the photos) or detailed location information (could be one of over 120 houses in the area).

      I think you are being overly sensitive and defensive…


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