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Drunk Driver Crashes into Parked Police Car

A drunk driver crashed into a police car that was parked outside the 71st Precinct on New York Avenue.

The crash occurred at around 3:45pm right in front of the 71st Precinct on New York Avenue and Empire Boulevard. A red Mazda sedan occupied by two Black males suddenly veered and crashed into a parked NYPD SUV.

Both occupants quickly exited the vehicle and appeared to be dazed.

Officers were on scene within seconds and immediately suspected that something was amiss. Both occupants said that the other was the driver and both were taken into custody on the suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

After an investigation it turned out that the vehicle was a rental and both occupants were indeed intoxicated and were both arrested.

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  • 1. idiot wrote:

    No matter what, weather stolen car, or drunk driving…….Hashem will all ways give clues how a person will get caught. & it’s proven over & over…….Hashem knows it. We are just sleeping!!!!

  • 2. Declasse' Intellectual wrote:

    When will they ever learn? the answer is blowing in the wind!
    Repeat offenders????

  • 3. Anonymous wrote:

    how convenient to be arrested right outside the precinct. you dont have to go very far

  • 4. Idiot to the 2nd power wrote:

    I mean comon you had to hit a squad car too! Idiot of the year awards anyone?

  • 6. Baruch Hashem wrote:

    B”H he hit a parked car and did not cause any injury or worse. Drunk drivers kill R”L. This punk obviously couldn’t care less. Hope he learns a good lesson in the slammer.

  • 7. DeClasse' intellectual wrote:

    #8 How many time do these left wing bleeding heart liberal judges just give these offenders a slap on the hands; and, many of these drunk drivers override the bracelets and other control mechanisms to drive and possibly to kill. Just look for example to what occurred in Massachusetts or in New Mexico or elsewhere, for example.


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