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Hit n’ Run Driver Arrested After Returning to Crash Scene

A single speeding vehicle caused carnage after swiping a parked car then smashing into a construction site on Troy Avenue, the driver and passenger fled the vehicle.

The incident occurred on Friday at around 10:00am at the intersection of Carroll Street and Troy Avenue. A black Lincoln Town Car was speeding up Troy and as it neared the intersection of Carroll it swerved and swiped a parked car, then careened into a construction site.

Witnesses said that the driver and passenger, who appeared to be Hispanic males, fled the wrecked vehicle.

First responders treated a person who was sitting in the parked car while police officers searched for the driver of the town car. A short while later the driver returned to the scene smelling of alcohol and visibly impaired. He was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

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  • 1. Scary wrote:

    That’s scary for someone to be so drunk so early in the morning!!!
    B”h there were no pedestrians walking there at that time!!!

  • 2. Drunks wrote:

    I have some workers who once in a while come to work in the morning smelling of alcohol. They explain that when they are very tired, the alcohol revs them up and gives them more energy!!

    I tried to explain that it may work only temporarily, then it will make you even more tired. But its hard to change their views when its an accepted fact in their culture.

  • 3. ch resident wrote:

    forget its the morning can you imagine if it was 2 hours later when school lets out


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