Tragic Accident Costs 25-Year-Old Bochur’s Life

A tragic accident claimed the life of 25-year-old Gedalia Greenzayd in Crown Heights this morning. Originally from Ukraine, Gedalia was studying Smicha in Morristown, NJ. He was in Crown Heights to celebrate the wedding of a close friend.

The incident occurred at 9:08am. Gedalia was standing at the intersection of Carroll Street and Kingston Avenue with two friends as they waited for the traffic signal to change. As the light turned green, Gedalia began to cross, not realizing that a NYC Dept. of Sanitation garbage truck was simultaneously making a right turn from Kingston Ave. onto Carroll St.

Gedalia was run over by the truck’s massive rear tires and was instantly killed, right before the eyes of his friends and several horrified bystanders.

One of the Bochurim Gedalia was walking with told that he was Gedialia’s closest friend, and that Gedalia was in Crown Heights to celebrating his upcoming wedding.

Gedalia was born and raised in Vinnitza, a city in central Ukraine, and was his parents’ only child. He attended the Jewish day school in the city, founded by Skverer Chosid Rabbi Leibel Surkis and later directed by Chabad Shliach to the city Rabbi Shaul Horowitz.

After high school, Gedalia continued his Jewish studies at Chabad Yeshivos in Kiev, Zhitomir and elsewhere, ultimately arriving in the United States to study for Smicha in Morristown.

Collaboration between Hatzalah, Chesed Shel Emes, the NYPD and the Medical Examiner’s office is ensuring that proper Kavod Hames is being given.

The Levaya will take place tomorrow, Monday, in front of 770 – time to be announced – and will continue to Ukraine, his hometown.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes



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