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Neighborhood Unnerved by String of Hit & Runs

Yesterday, Crown Heights was the scene of two (unrelated) bizarre hit & run incidents, both involving Jewish drivers and victims.

The first incident occurred at around 10:00am. A Jewish woman was struck by a car on Montgomery St. Strangely, the driver fled the scene without calling 911, but later appeared at the police station to report the incident. Despite the fact that she drove straight from the scene of the accident to the precinct, she was arrested for not remaining at the scene as required by law.

The pedestrian suffered moderate injuries from the accident. She was treated at the scene by Hatzalah, who transported her to the hospital for further treatment.


Later that day, at about 6:00pm, a vehicle driven by a Jewish man from Israel made an illegal left turn from Utica Ave. onto Empire Blvd. A policeman on patrol witnessed the infraction and pulled him over. He asked for the man’s license and registration, which he was promptly given.

As the officer returned to his cruiser to check the license on the database, the driver made a U-turn and sped off down Empire Blvd. toward Albany Ave.

He then made a high-speed left turn onto Albany Ave., at which point he struck a Jewish man, who was standing there unloading the trunk of his parked car. The man suffered light injuries.

The driver then parked the vehicle, exited and fled.

Due to the fact that they had his driver’s license in their possession, which was found to be suspended, the police were able to find the man and arrest him. He was slapped with a litany of charges, including: driving with a suspended license, fleeing from police and the hit & run.


It is important for all motorists to be aware that the law requires everyone involved in a traffic accident to remain at the scene, call 911 and wait until police arrive and say it is OK to leave.

If the driver feels unsafe at the scene, he/she may drive straight to the nearest police station, but only after calling 911 first.

It is also important to note that the penalty for driving with a suspended license pales in comparison to the consequences of fleeing from a police officer, which is a felony and could result in a hefty prison sentence.

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  • 2. chw wrote:

    please name names and pictures

    if these criminals were not jewish we would have pictures it should be no different

  • 3. to number 2 wrote:

    In the first case it was not negligence rather the woman didn’t know what to do. Therefore wrote this article that if c”v someone finds themselves in such a predicament if they read this article they would know what to do.

    • 4. M wrote:

      If someone gets hit by a car, wouldn’t you at least check to see if they are alright.
      Driving with a suspended license. Smh.

  • 5. CH resident... wrote:

    Does anyone really think that “driving directly to the precinct” after hitting someone with your car is right??? Not stopping to help the person you hit?? How did this person ever get a license to drive?? I hope it’s revoked!


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