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Woman Critically Injured in Crown Heights Hit-and-Run

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A woman was struck and critically injured by a hit-and-run driver with New Jersey plates while crossing Eastern Parkway today.

The unidentified 65-year-old woman was crossing near Utica Avenue about 11:30 a.m. when a white Nissan Murano heading westbound hit her just past the intersection, police and the FDNY said. The driver fled southbound on Schenectady Avenue, police said.

The woman was taken to Kings County Hospital in critical condition.

“I saw the woman on the floor, she was bleeding from her mouth,” Moe Kariem, 36, who runs a food stand near the crash site, said. He said the woman was left laying on her stomach after the crash.

“When they turned her over she wasn’t responding,” he said. “They gave her CPR. She wasn’t breathing. I wanted to cry, especially because it’s the holidays.”

Kariem said that the scene was so emotionally fraught that some people in the crowd that gathered broke down in tears.


  • 1. declasse' intelelctual wrote:

    New York drivers, I see near misses all the time, they have no patience. Too many cars and so hard just to go anywhere and the time it takes to reach your destination is unreal

  • 2. Jersey Plates wrote:

    Don’t go blaming NY Drivers, firstly the car had NJ plates if you wouldn’t be speeding over the story you might have read that part. secondly people might be aggressive in NY doesn’t mean they are the type to run people over. Hit and Runs happen everywhere, only reason you even know about this accident is bc it is posted here, if not you would not have even heard about it.


    to make sure that all the cars are stopped for the red light before you begin to cross the street, even though you have the correct signal to walk. These careless drivers run red lights & then the pedestrian pays a price, G-d forbid. Please tell this to your children as well . While on this topic, all of our kids & bochurim who are out at night on bikes and scooters MUST wear some kind of reflective clothing. I am a very careful driver, but they must be told that they are virtually invisible at night ( that includes all the jaywalkers cutting across Eastern Parkway in the dark, as well ). We have a mitzvah to guard our lives ….

  • 4. erev shabbos wrote:

    was this the same driver who took a light on eastern parkway erev shabbos? if there was more red light cameras this would not happen!!!!!!!


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