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2 Injured In Wild Rollover Crash

A man and child were injured after their car flipped over after making a turn into an Eastern Parkway service road, thankfully no one was seriously hurt. The crash drew dozens of spectators.

The collision occurred at around 8:30pm, when a late model Acura sedan made a left turn from Kingston Avenue into the Eastern Parkway service road and somehow ended colliding with two parked cars, then flipping over and ending up on its roof.

First calls to 911 said that people were trapped in the car, but by the time rescue workers arrived on scene the occupants, a man and child, managed to free themselves from the wreckage.

The driver claimed that a pedestrian had darted out into the street causing him to swerve and flip over, but the child passenger said  that it was a car that pulled out in front of them.

Both occupants sustained cuts and bruises – none of which were life threatening – which left the sidewalk spattered with blood.

According to an eye witness the car was traveling at a high rate of speed and when making the left turn the vehicle lost control, spinning around 180° striking two parked cars, then spun another 90° and flipped over.

Emergency Services Officers up-righted the severely damaged vehicle and swept up the scene.

Both patients were transported by EMS to local hospital for treatment and observation.

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  • 1. lucky they weren't killed! wrote:

    cars shouldn’t be allowed to park right up to the corner, it’s a dangerous narrow turn. Drivers take it too fast or speed across the intersection from Kehos. One day someone will be badly hurt if something isn’t done to slow down the cars.

  • 2. Helpful wrote:

    And my 8 year old wonders why I make him take the bus to school rather than let him walk.

  • 5. Just asking wrote:

    How many pictures of an upside down car is necessary to establish that the car was indeed upside down? Just asking.

  • 7. important wrote:

    Just so you know they didn’t manage to get out themselves a 12th grader girl saw what happened everyone else was standing around staring she BY HERLSELF took out those people and saved there lives.

  • 8. Fresser Rebbe wrote:


    one small car upside down, big deal!? What ever happened to those times when we would see smashed vehicled upside down with dump trucks and cement trucks smashing down light polls and so on, cmo’n people lets get some action

  • 9. SPEEDING. wrote:

    B.H. Definitely taking the turn to fast, from Kingston Avenue to Eastern Parkway, to make the turn into the service lane. Looked like he was being chased, or he was chasing someone. No doubt that he was speeding, and lost control, so he made up other excuses, as to why?.

  • 10. jewish? wrote:

    r they jewish? if yes someone pls provide tehillim names…

  • 11. Sweeper Policer wrote:

    I’m impressed to so a police officer pick up a broom and sweep the street.


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