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Two Cars Collide in Busy Brooklyn Intersection

Crown and Brooklyn, once known as the most dangerous intersection in the neighborhood, played host to yet another accident in which one car tore through a red light, sending both cars onto the sidewalk.


  • 1. declasse intellectual wrote:

    Which qualifies as more dangerous: the Freeway in Los Angeles or a street in Crown Heights. the physical problems in Crown heights challenge even the best of drivers and then too many of of those New York drivers try to drive as if there is no tommorow. I cannot tell you the number of tims I have seen some Hassidic Jew blow hsi cool because a women with a stroller is crossing with the walk sign on the corner that he wants to turn into. How dare she do this!!!!!

  • 3. shliach wannabe wrote:

    kiddush hashem thare were many nonjews and hatzolo came very quick and attended to 2 african american people in the car with so much care and attention until fire departenmt came i was very impressed. thanks menachem f and moishe p . there was a frum person also but not hurt. such things make ch a nice place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4. native wrote:

    This corner? twenty years ago as a kid we know that this corner had accidents daily. That’s why the corner house has those barriers in the first and third picture. Don’t worry, there will be more…

  • 5. was just there this afternoon wrote:

    i was just walking my kids on that block this afternoon scary…Hashem was really watching over us, we mustv come just a few mins b4


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