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Empire and Troy, the Scene of yet another Accident

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — The sound of two vehicles colliding was heard all the way to Montgomery and Albany, a minivan attempting to make a left turn from Empire up to Troy was struck by a sedan going straight down Empire in the other direction, the force of the collision sent one car onto the sidewalk while the other spun 180 degrees and winding up facing the other direction.

More pictures in the Extended Article!

Hatzalah, Police and FDNY were called and treated both drivers, one of them transported to a local hospital for further checkups and observation.


  • 4. Fcruz wrote:

    While you might think a lot of accidents happen @ troy and empire, it does’nt hold a light to schenectdy, empire and lefferts blvd. Since I’ve been working in ems for the area for about 2 years I have helped about 8 injured passengers, so plz when turning from empire blvd south (towards East N.y Ave) plz remember theres a light on lefferts blvd thats red.

  • 5. Put a turning light!! wrote:

    Why don’t they finally put up a turning light?!?! how many more accidents have to occur on this corner, until someone wakes up and does something?

  • 6. c.s. wrote:

    wow….what can i say…..
    BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    were they jewish??

  • 7. angry wrote:

    You know we’ve been seeing alot of this stuff lately –you could almost use old pics! Webby they’re all the same –WHY ARE PEOPLE FLYING DOWN EMPIRE? Speed limits or bumps should be installed and
    the cops who are walking should be enforcing them!!!

  • 9. loko wrote:

    im in oholri toeah mesivtah (corner troy and empire), for 3 years now, and i could probebly remember 8 acidents on that corner just in these three years

  • 10. do to others wrote:

    why does publish this? how would you liike if every time you made a mistake people announced it to the world?

  • 11. Disgrace wrote:

    Whats wrong with you people “Are they Jewish” even if not we are all god damn human and yes this is coming from a chabadnik refuah shleima weather they jew or not! this is why people hate jews so much!

  • 13. Student wrote:

    BAMM!!! we heard it in Oholei Torah Mesivita! it was like 10:30 AM, and it was real loud!!!

  • 14. anonymous wrote:

    It wasnt a member of our anash, and she’s a very careful driver, it was very sunny, and the sun was in her eyes….

  • 18. OH MY wrote:

    Oh My Gosh I am almost 12 and since about last year I heard about at least 100 Acciedents, May this be the last one forever

  • 19. reply to DISGRACE wrote:

    theres nothing wrong with jews being worrieda bout one another, if anything its a good thing, and why are you so worried wat ppl will think? u think thats why ppl dont like jews? maybe if we stand with out heads staight and be true to urselves as jews and chassidim, we wont have sucha bit“anti -semitism” prblom. and besides, its something that we cant realy control, jsut act yourself and stop being so worried about wat everyones else thinks( pokitical corectness is stupid and dishonest). and obvioulsy everyone wants to kwno if theier jewish or not, wen someone si related to you, it makes a world of a difference, not aht we dont care about other ppl, but wereall related so we have a natrul soft spot, and if you dont, jsut get more intouch with yourself, go see manis freidman, he’ll hlep you.

  • 20. NOT a disgrace wrote:

    To Disgrace:

    No one said they don’t care unless the people involved are Jewish.
    Ever heard of the expression, “blood runs thicker than water”? People just care more about one of their bretheren. That’s reasonable, no?

    In any case, there is a mitzvah of Ahavas Yisrael, but there is no mitzvah of “Ahavas Goy”.

  • 21. Mendy wrote:

    To: Disgrace
    1st of all ppl are just wondering if they were jewish not because if they werent jewish then it doesnt matter, but because if they were jewish it matters more. your have a problem with that?!
    2nd of all non jewish ppl hate us anyway! weather u like it or not!


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