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Two Pedestrians Struck over the Weekend

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — Two pedestrians were struck by cars over this weekend. The first incident took place Erev Shabbos on President and Brooklyn Ave, where a girl was crossing and a driver of a van struck her, Hatzalah responded and treated her on the scene.

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The second incident took place Motzoai Shabbos where a yungerman was crossing Eastern Parkway from 770 and was struck by a driver who attempted to make an early left turn. Hatzalah and KBJ EMS responded and treated the yungerman then transported him to a local hospital.

In both cases the vehicles did not flee the scene and police reports were made.


  • 2. Resident wrote:

    I always see Bochurim running across the parkway.IT IS NOT SAFE.Parents tell your sons it is bettere to be a few minutes late to seder than to run in middel of the street.This is not the first accident on eastern Parway

  • 3. Oy Gevald wrote:

    vas zul men tun? If we need haztala to camp out on all corners, we need to do that. Parents: You need to teach your kinder about road safety.

  • 4. anonymous wrote:

    oh my this is terrible..i have seen my own friends being hit and its extremely traumatic so please everyone yu must be so so careful when yu cross the streets these new york drivers are insane

  • 7. Fcruz wrote:

    The Young Man who got hit @ night had what appered to be atleast a bad sprain,good pulse, motor, sensory, just swelling to ankle. not knowing what the X-ray shows, I hope he is doing well

  • 8. john wrote:

    why not enforce driving laws what goes on in ny dcoesnt happen in other cities


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