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2 Officers and a Civilian Injured in Late Night Collision

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — A violent collision between a police cruiser and Cadillac rocked Eastern Parkway early Friday morning. The incident took place at around 3:30am when police officers from the 77th Precinct responded to call for backup when they hydroplaned in front of 770 and were struck by an oncoming vehicle.

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The two officers in the car, an Officer a Lieutenant were both pinned inside the car and the officer was complaining of leg pain and dizziness while the lieutenant, who was the passenger, suffered from a host of injuries including a collapsed lung and internal bleeding and was semi conscious.

The police car was struck in the passenger side along the front of the vehicle and the force of the impact sent the car onto the island on the eastbound side of the parkway, while the Cadillac sustained severe front end damage, but the driver was able to get out of his car on his own, he sustained a broken arm.

It took FDNY rescue workers over a half hour to free the officers from their vehicle, using the Jaws of Life and circular saws to cut the roof off the car and pry open the doors.

All the victims were transported to Kings County Hospital by FDNY EMS and Hatzalah, the first on scene were a number patrolling Shomrim Members who heard the impact over a block away and responded to the scene and begin treating the injured officers and alerting rescue personal of the accident.


  • 2. ?? wrote:

    how did shomrim treat the injured cops if they were pinned inside the vehicle for 1/2 an hour?

  • 3. sh wrote:

    r”l g-d almighty should protect us all from these horrific incidents. may everyone involved have a refuah shalymo and most importantly the geualh should finally arrive and bring joy and hapiness to us all

  • 4. Bystander wrote:


    It is called stabilization. While they were extricating the officers one of the members was in the back holding the officers head while another, who is also an EMT was treating the other officer.

    Thank g-d Shomrim was there as soon as they were, and thank g-d for our devoted patrolling Shomrim members. YOU ARE ALL AN ASSET TO OUR COMMUNITY! THANK YOU SHOMRIM!

  • 9. CHer wrote:

    Hope everyone egts well soon!

    I wonder how quick the cops were going… I guess it’s a toss-up speed to scene of a crime to protect ppl while endangering others while speeding there…. hhhmmm…

  • 12. cc wrote:

    to ouch:
    definetly a bad accident yep
    dont worry ive seen worse

  • 13. CH 77 wrote:

    From last as I was told the lieutenant went into surgery on Friday and the officer was held over night for observation.

  • 14. Yossi22 wrote:

    No matter what the oddballs write on this website, we must always be grateful and thankful for the NYPD.

  • 15. Person who knows his stuff wrote:

    A person pinned inside a car means that they are trapped and must be cut out of the auto so that emergency personnel can get to them and treat them.

  • 16. ED wrote:

    I’m the driver of the Caddy.. I’ll just say that the police was driving way to fast for the conditions of that mornings downpour. I’am lucky to be alive, but there should be some guidelines as to how to drive during that kind of weather. I worked so hard to buy my dream car, and it did its job..It saved my life.

  • 17. brother wrote:

    yeah there should be guide lines when my brother is putting his life on the line to save a stranger’s life. [REMEMBER EVERY SECOND COUNTS]

  • 18. Naomi wrote:

    I am the mother of the police officer in the accident, and i want to thank God he will be ok as for the driver of the caddy, the car will be replaced once my son recopperates he will back out there keeping the streets safe for people like you I feel youre worrys are more about the car than about the police officer and the luetenant that were hurt. My prayers are with my son and the lueitenant get well soon

  • 19. Naomi wrote:

    I would also like to thank the men that helped both officers while they were trapped in the police car

  • 20. ed wrote:

    To the Mother,

    Are u kidding? Obviously, your not comprehending what was written. I said, I worked hard to get my dream car and it did its job…IT SAVED MY LIFE!!! In other words, by them rushing to a scene of a crime, so to say, they put another life in jeoperdy, MINE, luckily I was driving a caddy.

    Anything else I wouldn’t be corresponding to this at all. How about extending some of those prayers to me,
    I’am the victim, or did you forget?

    I’m hurt as well, I have to take time off of work to say the least to recoup from this horrific accident. To the brother, yes, every second counts, but what would the seconds matter you NEVER made it to the destination?

    Also, as your thanking the men and women that helped those cops out of the car, how about thanking GOD that your son, the lieutenant, and myself are alive. You wanna be thankful, be thankful for that…

  • 21. Mr Angry Pants wrote:

    Glad you’re all safe. Police should slow down in the rain. They’re trying to save someone but you gotta have consideration for other people too. This guy woulda been dead if he were driving a honda civic or something similar. Speedy recovery to all!

  • 22. spectator wrote:

    I can’t believe how Police officers one in which is a Lieutenant can be so unresponsible. In conditions like that no matter what your ranking or role in life (protecting civilians) ends up almost killing a civilian.

    Right your job is to protect. Even to set samples and become role models. If your chasing a crime even under bad conditions it doesn’t mean that they can break the law as well. From the look at those pictures they look like they were going over the speed limit.

  • 23. Grandmother from Florida wrote:

    I’m the grandmother of the police officer. I thank God that your ok and hope the LT. gets well soon. As for the caddy driver, you suppose to yield to emergency personnel. Undoubtably you didn’t. So I’m sorry for your loss of your caddy, but thank God it wasn’t your life.

  • 25. ed wrote:

    To grandmother from florida

    How am I suppose to yield to a car that hydroplained across three lanes into me?

  • 26. A J, from the Y-O wrote:

    The same way police will break off a chase when it becomes unsafe for the public at large, they should apply the same judgement when weather becomes a part of the equation. ANYBODY can hydroplane, the accident was unfortunate, and I’m glad that everybody will be ok. NYPD didn’t lose two officers, Three mothers didn’t lose their sons, and I didn’t lose my friend Ed.

  • 27. A J, from the Y-O wrote:

    To the Grandmother from Florida: I’m a friend of the Caddy driver. Before jumping to conclusions, you should be aware of all the facts before you cast your judgement. Are you familiar with Eastern Parkway? It has 3 westbound lanes and 2 eastbound lanes — that’s alot of room for things to go wrong. The police car hydroplaned into oncoming traffic — my friend was already in the eastbound right lane when the two cars collided. I understand your point of view… it’s easy to assume yet another driver failed to yield to an authority vehicle, but this time that was not the case. I can vouch for my friend 100%, he’s not one of these obnoxious knuckle-heads that you accuse him of being.


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