Interview: The Story Behind the Brass Menorah In 770

Built in 1982, the Menorah that was lit in downstairs 770 before the Rebbe on the nights of Chanukah has quite the story behind it. Sitting down for an exclusive interview with Reb Herschel Pekkar, a London native tells us how he was approached by Bochurim who asked him, just 4 days before Chanukah, to build the Menorah.

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  • Londoner

    I remember the Pekkers from Stamford Hill oh maybe 35 years ago. I met Mrs Pekker a few months ago while I was in CH and she has not changed at all!! She even still has her English accent.

  • Chani

    Awesome! Thanks CHI, if not for this video i wouldn’t have known how it all came about…

  • happy Chanukah

    Amazing,the best video yet,just awsome,what talent,I know the son Moshe and his silverwork is also incredible

  • Cousin from Israel

    Makes me very glad and proud to be part of this esteemed family.
    A wonderful story for Chanukah. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you PG soon in Israel.

    Frances and family

  • thank you for the menorah

    i think people should give a little credit to Mr Nagel of Crown Heights. when the bochurim wanted to get a menorah for the Rebbe they went to Mr Nagel and he gave the full amount they needed for the Menorah.

    I have been a recipient of Mr Nagel’s generosity many times. He never takes credit for anything. he doesn’t put his name on any walls, or buildings. he just gives in a quiet way.

    I heard this story first hand from one of the bochurim that was involved.

    Thank you Mr Nagel for all the good that you do!

  • Pearl Ezekiel

    To My amazing brother-in-law Hirschel: You sure have earned the name of “Goldenhands” We are very proud to have such a talented person in the family.L’hitra-od. B.H see you in Israel. your sister-inlaw Pearl