The Weekly Voice – An Interview Series

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For WEBIsode 3 The Weekly Voice returns with Meir Cohen, a caterer who tells us why he chooses to do this job, how much he enjoys it, and how important his job is.

This is the third installment of this new series with the first episode generating major interest and many emails with recommendations and comments.

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  • 4. simon says wrote:

    mair cohen is a real ish hachesed, a mentch
    we love you mair,
    your the best.

  • 6. devorah benjamin-KSCVK wrote:

    Hashem sould bless him,his wife and whole family with Gefen .Thank you for being there for each wedding through kscvk and making their day just right and never making the food or service like it coming from tzedkah treat each person as if their wedding is your own child

  • 7. persian shul wrote:

    he is the best person in every way in ch he should be a example for the rest of us

  • 8. Satisfied customer wrote:

    Not only is Meyer Kohen a truly fine mitzvah person, he also happens to be a fine caterer.His food is consistently good and his prices are competitive. Our family enjoys dealing with him whenever we need a caterer for a bar-mitzvah, at-home sheva brochos, or other large family get-together. Hatzlochoh rabbah,Meyer.You are one of the all too rare Crown Heights businessmen who deserves all the accolades given you. P.S. No, we’re not related to him and he didn’t ask us to post a comment.


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