The Weekly Voice – An Interview Series

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The Weekly Voice returns this week with Chaim Hershkop, a Beis Rivka bus driver who tells us why he chooses to do this job, safety, and how important his job is.

This is the second installment of this new series with the first episode generating major interest and many emails with recommendations and comments.

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  • 2. me wrote:

    What a sweet video.
    3 cheers for Crown Heightsers whom make their jobs a shlichus.

  • 4. Shmuli wrote:

    Geshmake piece from a former motown roomate of Chaim and a proud recipient of a great busmix our kids just love it.

    So nice to see!

  • 5. a good morning!! wrote:

    the bal shem tov was a “bus driver” its very important for kids to go to school in a good mood!
    nice job!

  • 7. mom wrote:

    this link does not work so well.
    see if you can fix it.

    thank you, a headstart mom

  • 8. new ideas wrote:

    there were some very interesting safety points that chaim mentioned here. can you guys get a hatzalah member to be intervied to get their side of things? maybe even dovid astolin with the similarities and differenced of driving a school bus and an ambulance

  • 9. Wow! wrote:

    What a lovely man. We are so lucky to have such warm caring people in our community! I love Crown Heights! Kan Tziva Hashem Es Habracha!

  • 11. david wasserman wrote:

    For those complaining about buffering: TURN OFF HD. if you see on the right hand side of the video screen there is a square button that says HD is on. If you turn it off your video whatcing experience will be much more smooth and virtuously buffer free? :) ENJOY

  • 13. Boy-s school teacher wrote:

    i am a school teacher in another Crown heights school and i was very touched by this video.
    this person is a real hero!
    quitly, people like chaim are the ones that truly affect the lives of our children.
    there’s no need to elaborate the video speaks for itself, you can see eidelkait and humility written all over his face.

  • 15. Chaim the bus driver wrote:

    My kids love Chaim. He plays music for them on the bus and even shares his birthday with them with nash, and when they had to go to the elementary bus they were so upset!

  • 17. Bus Drivers wrote:

    Bus Drivers are holy people-they bring our kinderlach back and forth to their Yiddishe schools every day-just like the Ba’al Shem Tov!
    They have very special jobs and we, as parents, should really appreciate them.
    Believe me, the bus ride my kids have with the city bus drivers is a whole different experience…the foul language and wacko mannerisms my kids have picked up from some of the city bus drivers is not very impressive to say the least-
    that’s besides the fact that on those buses there is no bus monitor allowed on the bus and many of the older kids bully the younger ones and at times there are kids who don’t let other kids sit down or will only let them sit down if they give them nash or prizes of some sort…and when I called the school they told me that there is not much they can do about it unless I know the names of the “bullies”, and my child is young, does not know those kids, nor their names…

    In any case, we should really appreciate our Yiddishe drivers and the bus monitors who work with them, where applicable. I relax knowing my children are in their hands.

    May Hashem bentch you all!

  • 19. Bus Shliach! wrote:

    wow, mamash a shlichus in driving a bus!! i am very impressed – he prepares for his job in much the same way as a teacher – with the signs, music, etc.!! yasher koach, i like the similarity to the baal shem tov that was pointed out in previous comments.

  • 20. Jake K-baum wrote:

    Great video Chaim! An inspiration. Keep up the great work and dedication.


  • 24. crown st. bus 770 wrote:

    great video!
    one thing that struck me is that he teaches the kids to say boruch hashem! i grew up going to holei torah on “moshe’s bus” (moshe abelsky) and he always used to ask us “how are you doing” and if the boy wud just answer “good” or “fine”, moshe always remonded us to say “fine boruch hashem!”, and i have to say that till today, as a 20 year old bucher that always stayed with me!
    people like chaim and moshe is what lubavitch is all about, and what really gives the rebbe nachas!
    may we merit moshiach speedly in our day!

  • 25. Savta wrote:


    Thank you for showing us how the smallest is the greatest!
    And this is actually what Chassidus is about, starting with the Baal Shem Tov.

    Wishing you and yours all the best.

  • 27. anonymous smith wrote:

    dose he make enough to afford tuition for his children to be able to go school one day? He sounds like an amazing bus driver. I wish I loved what I do as much as him.

  • 28. GBP wrote:

    couldn’t see the video, but Chaim and his brother, Gadi, are both fantastic.
    The kids are always excited to show they what they got for shabbat party or what they made in school. They know all the kids names, which street they live on..
    They get the kids pumped up with their music and asking them how their day was…

  • 29. an appreciative local wrote:

    a real “baal shemske yid” if ever there was one. how refreshing to see a sincere, honest, articulate yunge man who has a passion for what he does and does with true warmth and a smile. one can never know the incredible positive impact and influence he has and will have on these angles he picks up every morning. we can all learn from him. keep up the good work chaim.

  • 31. Rivky wrote:

    Chaim is a great guy, honest and sweet just to put two cents in for his wife- she’s also very friendly, sweet and just a very nice person-
    we still have the bus mix our kids love it!
    keep up the good work!

  • 32. Thank you chaim wrote:


    I also have a child who goes to school every day by bus.

    We all appreciate all YOU do for us as well as ALL the other drivers of all the other school busses.

    Watching this video brought tears to my eyes how ibergegeben you all are to your precious cargo.

  • 34. Yossi wrote:

    Chaim, what a beautiful message. The children are lucky to be on your route.


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