Up To 90% Of Kiryas Joel Infected, Dr Zelenko Says

by Monsey.info

In a video message from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, the Doctor informed the community that in his opinion, up to 90% of Kiryas Joel might already be infected with Coronavirus.

The alarming message came after fourteen Coronavirus tests were sent, and nine came back positive.

Large concentrated Jewish communities are at high risk of rapid outbreaks, as a major carrier of the virus are children, who many time show no symptoms.

In response to the news, and with the direction of the White House, a Deceleration of Emergency was made for the Town of Palm Tree where Kiryas Joel resides.

Dr Zelenko warned that of Kiryas Joels 35,000 residents, nearly 1,000 of them are at high risk from the virus, and stressed the importance of taking care of the elderly.