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Senator McConnell Slams Anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered a scathing rebuke to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, while calling out the Democrats for simply looking to pass a “symbolic resolution”.

“If House Democrats wanted to, they could pass real legislation to take action against anti-Semitism and shore up America’s relationship with Israel. I know they could — because last month the Senate did just that,” McConnell said.

“The House should take up and pass S. 1, the bipartisan foreign policy legislation that the Senate passed last month, 77 to 23. That legislation walks the walk. It supports Israel and gives local communities the flexibility to combat the so-called ‘BDS movement,’ which is a kind of anti-Semitic economic warfare that opponents of Israel are trying to wage against the Jewish state.”


  • 2. Declasse' Intellectual wrote:

    What is worse, inspite of their horrid record against the Jews–FDR for example–and the Afro-Americans, Asians and so forth, liberal Jews vote still Democratic and this is despite what Trump has done for Israel.l These liberal Jews love still Obama in spite of what he did to the Jewish state at the United Nations.

  • 3. TO MEIR wrote:

    He didn’t want to say her name because he feels disgusted by saying her name!!!

  • 4. Rivkah wrote:

    Jews are no different from Catholic, Protestant, or any other kind of Leftist. For each one of them, their Leftist ideology comes before all else. It takes precedence over their religious, and other beliefs. From my experience, denial is another common attribute, amongst all people who embrace the politics of the Left. Those Jews who continue to stick with the Democrats, are Leftists, first and foremost. Their denial prevents them from facing the ugly truth, of the Party and philosophy, to which they cling.


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