NYPD Tows Hatzolah Vehicle While Treating Cardiac Patient

In a shocking video, a NYPD tow truck can be seen towing a Hatzolah members car while he was on an emergency call in Manhattan. The car was towed despite a Hatzolah and DOT placard displayed in the window.

by CrownHeights.info

A video on social media of a Hatzolah members vehicle being towed by the NYPD has gone viral, following the incident earlier today.

Hatzolah had responded to a call in the Upper West Side of Manhattan at around 1:00PM Tuesday. Due to a lack of parking, the Hatzolah member, a Paramedic and  Doctor, left his car parked in the street, blocking traffic.

An NYPD traffic agent, noticing the parked car, called a tow to remove the offending vehicle.

The Hatzolah members on the scene noticed what was happening, and approached the traffic agent and tow, to no avail. They refused to change their decision to tow.

Despite the Hatzolah and DOT placard, as well as the obvious emergency nearby, the police towed the vehicle, and gave a second Hatzolah vehicle a ticket for double parking.

UPDATE: The car was released with no payment required.


  • Yosef Hershkop

    Time for there to be a clear protest about this. Enough is enough. Yes there is a lot of place card abuse but from what I understand nypd personnel, public school teachers and union officials are the biggest offenders. One day G-d forbid there’s gonna be an hatzolah call and the volunteer won’t be able to make it to the call because of this sickness and there’s gonna be a true tragic outcome.

  • Anonymous

    when I lived in the hood i worked overnight driving limo. on a few fridays i parked on montgomery and counted the paces from the pump to my car, 15 paces. on a few occasions i would go back to work after shabbos and find a ticket for parking in front of the pump. when i lived on o.p i owned a yellow cab. I NEVER parked on the corned because it says no parking and 2) because i knew that’s where the cops sit AND YET on many occasions i come to the car and a ticket for parking nowhere where i was. i found out it was one of my neighbors with a book of make believe tickets( ex-cop, go figure)

  • Sickening!

    This is blatant anti-semitism at its finest! Never mind the fact that a medical professional was volunteering his precious time to save lives.

  • Hashem Yishmor!

    This wasn’t antisemitism 🙄
    The VAS vehicle was BLOCKING TRAFFIC.
    The vehicle towed was not an ambulance; all necessary medical paraphernalia were in the medical bags with the responder.
    The first responder left his vehicle and was treating a patient but traffic still needs to flow, people. Hatzallah didn’t want to move it so NYPD did THEIR JOB and opened the flow of traffic. Get over it people.

    • Ex-Paramedic

      Where did you see this in the article??!!-

      “Hatzallah didn’t want to move it so NYPD did THEIR JOB ”

      I’ve been at accident scenes and left my vehicle in traffic to treat the victims. This is unheard of. The same way the police towed, they could have directed traffic around the vehicle until the doctor returned to his car.

    • Yossi

      How would you feel if (God Forbid) you were a relative of the patient with cardiac arrest & the patient didn’t get the proper care because the Hatzalah member had to spend time asking them not to tow his car

  • Mendel

    There was a lane open for traffic. The Hatzalo vehicle should have never been towed.

  • Chani

    How much time of this VOLUNTEERS was wasted going to fight to get back his car?? This is ridiculous! I wish the cops could get tickets for blocking traffic to pick up donuts, and whatnot in the 7/11s


    The responder might have all his medical paraphernalia in his bag already, BUT, once he gets his bag, he MUST RUN to treat the patient, that is exactly why he had to leave his vehicle RIGHT AWAY!!!!!