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Almost all Chabad Chuppah’s in Crown Heights are done these days in front of 770 Eastern Parkway. But almost no Chuppahs have a trio of Chazanim to make the moment unique.

At a wedding today, three chazzanim, Zalman Katz (left), Aryeh Leib Hurwitz (center), and Shmully Hurwitz (right), sang together as the Chosson and Kallah were under the chuppah.


  • 2. Incredible wrote:

    What great talent these guys have! Love the way their different voices compliment each other. Best I’ve ever heard!

  • 3. Mazal Tov To the Choson and Kala wrote:

    What a beautiful wedding it was.
    My wonderful Nephews singing so beautifully.
    Only Besuros Tovos always
    Zalman Katz , Aryeh Leib Hurwitz , and Shmully Hurwitz.


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