How do your kids feel about school?

Shouldn’t every kid love school? Maybe, but not all boys are cut out for the standard system.
Darchai Menachem is not your typical yeshiva.

“Kids are not lazy. It’s not ADD. And it’s not being chutzpadik!” says Rabbi Menachem Vail, principal. When boys struggle in the classroom, it’s up to the educator to figure out why. “When we address those situations,” says Rabbi Eyal Bension, director, “students begin to thrive.”

Darchai Menachem was started 18 years ago by Rabbi Shlomo Lakien OBM. In that first year, twelve students gathered into a one-bedroom apartment–now, enrollment is at 104 students and there is a waiting list of almost 150 more names.

“We have to keep growing,” says Bension. “Every kid deserves a Darchai education.”

Today Darchai Menachem is raising $360,000 in 36 hours. Visit to donate.

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  • 1. 2232 wrote:

    the extra special dimension in this school, besides that they do use methods and conduct themselves professionally, is that they are very personal and caring. Anyone who goes there is very fortunate


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