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Israeli security forces leveled the home of Khalil Jabareen in the village in his hometown of Yatta, near Hevron.

During the demolition, a number of violent riots broke out. Dozens of Arabs threw rocks at IDF soldiers, who responded with crowd dispersal means.

Jabareen is responsible for killing Fuld after knifing him in the back at a Gush Etzion mall back in September.


  • 1. Anonymous wrote:

    Too little & too late. Sorry – his savage Arab buddies will build him a new house but we can’t bring this Tzadik back to his family

  • 3. Izzy Tal wrote:

    The IDF has been doing this for decades now and did it stop terror attacks?
    Then why continue with that barbarous practice? Revenge is NOT sweet, because it will only cause more bitterness and hate and determination among the next generation of Palestinians…

    • 4. Very Effective wrote:

      Yes, it has stopped countless terror attacks. The attacks would be much, much more without this deterrent.

  • 5. 2334 wrote:

    the family should be sent out of Israel for sure. this is just a preliminary step


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